Home Entertainment A tribute to youth and gratitude to accompany the movie “Youth is a Song” to be released on May 27

A tribute to youth and gratitude to accompany the movie “Youth is a Song” to be released on May 27

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A tribute to youth and gratitude to accompany the movie “Youth is a Song” to be released on May 27

2022-05-24 15:37:51Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News The inspirational light comedy film “Youth is a Song” starring Kung Fu actor Xu Xiangdong will be released on May 27, directed by the famous filmmaker Gao Jun. The reporter learned that the film is 90 minutes long. It starts from the contradiction between teachers and students and the love growth of young students. It profoundly and lively interprets the most beautiful age of youth. Yong’s growth story.

Gao Jun used to work in Beijing New Film Association Film Co., Ltd. He planned and invested in films including “Painted Skin”, “Ip Man”, “Assembly”, “Party A and B”, “See You”, “Endless”, “Back” From Dad to School”, “The Days Leaving Lei Feng” and so on. Xu Xiangdong became famous in 1983 for his role in “Kapok Robe”, and many film and television dramas after performing arts, such as “Tai Chi Master”, “Seven Swords Down the Tianshan”, “Ink Attack”, “Water Margin”, “Jin Yiwei”, “Ip Man”, etc. Widely acclaimed.

The film “Youth is a Song” has gone through six springs and autumns from script creation, preliminary preparations to completion of filming, and the process has twists and turns. During the filming process, the crew traveled 1,500 kilometers across the vast grasslands, rain or shine, day and night, and filmed extremely poetic scenes from Ulanbutong grassland to Huanggangliang, from Baiyinchagan to Hongshan and other places. Due to the large number of pictures of vast grasslands in the film’s story, the anamorphic wide-screen lens with its unique charm can more perfectly display the majestic power and majesty of nature.

At the same time, “Youth is a Song” is a youth love movie. Through the film lens, to express the youthful vitality and splendor of boys and girls, it requires a different imaging texture from ordinary spherical lenses, and requires a wider dimensional picture and visual tension. The anamorphic wide-screen lens with more demanding technical requirements creates an exceptionally soft line feeling in the portrait picture, thus forming a shocking picture effect. The youth expressed in “Youth is a Song” is a feast of racing against time, whether it is brilliance and brilliance, and the same is true for small bridges and flowing water.

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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