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ACE member Jun diagnosed with infection symptoms “yin to yang” | Park So-hee | Kim Bing Guan | Kang Yu-chan

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[Epoch Times October 4, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled a report) BEAT INTERACTIVE, a brokerage company affiliated with the Korean boy group ACE, published an announcement on its official fan page today (4th), announcing that ACE member Jun (Park Sohee) has been diagnosed. Infected with the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19/Wuhan pneumonia).

The announcement indicated that Jun received a notice of contact with the confirmed person on September 30, for which he underwent a PCR test and obtained a negative result at that time. However, he subsequently developed several mild suspected symptoms, for which he was quarantined again and was diagnosed this morning.

BEAT INTERACTIVE stated that after the company learned of Jun’s diagnosis, ACE members Jin Binguan and Chan (Kang Yuchan) and all employees of the company were quarantined. Currently, they are still waiting for the results of the quarantine, although everyone has not yet received the health authorities’ instructions on what to do. They are also quarantined on their own when they are notified of the measures.

At the end of the announcement, it was mentioned that the company will abide by the policy of the epidemic prevention authority, and then decide on matters related to the resumption of ACE activities in the future. The company will also do its best to allow Jun to recover as soon as possible, and strive to ensure the health and safety of its artists.

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