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Aci Green light, just the word

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Aci Green light, just the word

ROME – Traffic news, petrol stations and nearby parking lots, roadside assistance, podcasts and radio. These are the innovations implemented by Luceverde, the Infomobility service of the ACI which for 2022 will increase its offer of voice assistance by launching the Google Home action and renewing the Alexa skill. A service that essentially allows you to stay behind the wheel in an updated and safe way. since it is also possible to request roadside assistance by forwarding the call directly to an ACI operator.

To activate the service just express your request. For example: “Ask Luceverde about the traffic to go to work”, or “ask the local traffic news”. And again: “Which is the cheapest gas station with LPG in the area? Which podcast do you recommend to listen to today? “

“Our commitment to informed mobility throughout the territory does not stop and looks to an increasingly digital future”, explains Geronimo La Russa, President of ACI Infomobility. “Voice assistance services are now part of the daily life of an important part of the Italian and world population; therefore, we considered it essential to offer our services also on these new digital channels. The recent United Nations award for the excellence of our service has been a significant reward for us and an incentive to keep the level of our offer high. ” (fp)

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