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Acindar stops its production and closes its plants for a month

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Acindar stops its production and closes its plants for a month

The Acindar steel company, one of the two largest in the country, reported that it will paralyze the four plants it has in Argentina for a month starting at the end of March due to an “abrupt” drop in its sales amid the impact of the recession and the high inflation.

Plant paralysis

To talk about this topic, Channel E communicated with Cristian Miguezmember of the Internal Finance Commission, who expressed that, “ All sectors are going to be paralyzing their activities for four or five weeks.”.

According to the interviewee, the Government’s announcements regarding the total stoppage of public works, as well as for construction workers “It ends up being a very important blow” why “Around 50 thousand jobs were already announced”. And he added: “There is no work in the public sector or in the private sector.”.

Production and orders

Regarding the number of employees of the company, Miguez He said that there are almost 1,200 in a dependency relationship and this complex situation began to be seen since October of last year when “the volume of orders began to fall”.

In that sense, the interviewee said that the company took advantage of those months to stock up and from November to the present “The company had been working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”. And he continued: “Since that month there were sectors that lowered production”.

Vacations, licenses and courses

For Miguezas long as it occursthe stop“The pending vacation balances, the licenses for compensatory francs, and those who are not in those conditions who can take preparation courses and other issues at the plant will be exhausted.”The cessation of activities was made for all productive sectors because the logistics and dispatch part will continue to function because there are merchandise”, he said.

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At the end, he added: “We are in a negotiation framework with the company so that workers do not lose wages and continue to maintain jobs; If this continues we will have to see what kind of measure we are going to be taking”.

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