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Actor Dong Zijian and Sun Yi announce the divorce

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Actor Dong Zijian and Sun Yi announce the divorce

Original title: Actor Dong Zijian and Sun Yi announced the divorce and there is no commercial relationship between the two parties

Cover reporter Chen Ying

On August 8, Sun Yi and Dong Zijian officially announced their divorce. Sun Yi posted: “I wished us in the past, and I wish you and me in the future.” Dong Zijian also posted: “We are all fine.” The divorce was very sudden and caused heated discussions among netizens. It is reported that Sun Yi and Dong Zijian got married in 2017. The marriage lasted for 5 years.

According to the Tianyancha App, there are 15 affiliated companies under Dong Zijian’s name, 12 of which are in existence, including Zhejiang Sanle Film Co., Ltd., Changxing Rich Film and Television Culture Studio, and Knowing Gongtou (Tianjin) Enterprise Management Partnership (Limited Partnership). ), etc., the territory involves film and television, media, and enterprise management.

There are 4 affiliated companies under Sun Yi’s name, of which Changxing Leguo Film and Television Culture Studio (Limited Partnership) is in existence. At present, Dong Zijian and Sun Yi have no business relationship.

In October 2016, Dong Zijian and Sun Yi announced their relationship on Weibo. On September 22, 2017, Dong Zijian and Sun Yi’s daughter were born. In June of this year, Dong Zijian also called Sun Yiqingsheng, intimately calling him “Dafu Mom”.

According to public information, Dong Zijian was born in Beijing in 1993 and is a film and television actor in Mainland China. His father is action actor Dong Zhihua, and his mother is Wang Jinghua, a famous agent in mainland China. He has participated in the movie “Youth School” and the TV series “Big River”.

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In 2013, Sun Yi officially debuted as an actor and starred in the costume drama “The Legend of Miyue” the following year. In 2016, Sun Yi gained more attention for starring in the youth drama “Fifteen Years Waiting for Migratory Birds”.Return to Sohu, see more


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