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Actor Huang Haibo Celebrates 10-Year Tin Wedding Anniversary with Wife Qu Zhazha and Son

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Actor Huang Haibo Celebrates 10-Year Tin Wedding Anniversary with Wife Qu Zhazha and Son

Article supply: On 2024-06-05 10:48:00
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On June 2, actor Huang Haibo, who had been out of sight for a very long time, was all of a sudden revealed to be along with his spouse Qu Zhazha and their eight-year-old son.

It is reported that the couple had a tin wedding ceremony dinner This tin wedding ceremony is about their 10-year marriage If the photographers there didn’t expose the photographs, the Internet wouldn’t learn about it.

According so far, Huang Haibo and his spouse Qu Zhazha are each very low-key folks.

Huang Haibo liked Qu Zhazha with all his coronary heart.

From the photographs, we are able to see that the inside ornament could be very luxurious, and the intense lamps present respectability.

Huang Haibo can also be in nice form with slicked again hair and a purple mandarin jacket.

It is reported that his spouse is 6 years youthful than Huang Haibo, however they’re the identical dimension and appear to get alongside very nicely.

In addition to the image of the couple, Huang Haibo’s son additionally appeared uncommon The image of the household of three youngsters was very outdated in his head, just like the queen Huang Haibo and her son within the queen, carrying fits, rigorously guarding her.

It’s value mentioning that there have been many acquainted faces among the many friends arriving on the scene, corresponding to actor Huang Lei.

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Huang Lei despatched his honest blessings to Huang Haibo He was carrying a blue shirt and jacket He seemed younger and contemporary.

You know, Huang Lei and Huang Haibo have an excellent relationship secretly Huang Lei was as soon as a substitute instructor at Beijing Film Academy, and Huang Haibo was his favourite scholar.

At this time, many netizens expressed their expectations: If your performing expertise are good, why do not you exit to behave in a film? “Bridal Season” and “Let’s Get Married” are each classics.

In addition to Huang Lei’s participation, sharp-eyed netizens found director Zhao Baogang. The two have met many instances, and Huang Haibo could be very grateful to Zhao Baogang for his cultivation.

All in all, this feast was carried out in a humble and heat method, and the chums who got here to it had been true associates.

After so a few years, Huang Haibo has been secretly dwelling behind the scenes, and the scandal of that 12 months continues to be clear in his thoughts.

In 2014, Huang Haibo’s status suffered when he was uncovered to unlawful PCs on the Jianguo Hotel of Beijing University of Technology and was instantly arrested by the police.

As quickly because the scandal got here out, the entire community was shocked, and Huang Haibo’s picture of a very good individual was fully destroyed. After that, he was sentenced to fifteen days of administrative detention and taught in a shelter for half a 12 months.

Huang Haibo’s performing profession was ruined.

As quickly as everybody talked about it, lots of Huang Haibo’s associates spoke for him. However, the facility was too little and the disgrace was too nice.

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Huang Haibo later issued an apology, saying that he had set a unsuitable instance and was ashamed of all of the folks’s love and help. He would totally settle for it and take a very long time to mirror.

At one time, some tales had been revealed on the discussion board, saying that Huang Haibo had sinned.

Regardless of the inner story, Huang Haibo is “yellow”, however fortunately, he met a gorgeous spouse.

Qu Zhazha by no means abandons her husband and has deep religion in her husband.

These days, Huang Haibo focuses on working behind the scenes. He has opened performing coaching lessons and makes use of his skills to assist younger folks enhance their performing expertise and pursue their desires.

The profession of his spouse Qu Zhazha is growing very nicely within the TV collection “Shesha”, he gave his outdated performing expertise, which made folks shine.

I consider that after Qu Zhazha’s wonderful performing expertise, Huang Haibo’s recommendation is necessary. He is a extremely good actor.

Now that he has handed by means of a thousand seas, the actors of the identical period as Huang Haibo have develop into skilled and expert actors, and his present state is clearly deteriorated.

But the writer believes that the facility is there, and I consider that it’s going to not be lengthy earlier than Huang Haibo comes out and we look ahead to that day coming quickly.

After all, it’s believed that such a gorgeous actor is being buried.

What do you consider it?

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