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Actor Luo Yizhou Launches First Personal EP ‘SIDE L is Different’ and Establishes Music Space Z-pace

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Luo Yizhou Releases First EP “SIDE L is Different” Showcasing His Creativity and Music Attitude

China Entertainment Network News – On July 15, Luo Yizhou’s highly anticipated first personal EP “SIDE L is Different” was officially launched, accompanied by the release of five new songs. This EP not only covers a variety of music genres but also showcases Luo Yizhou’s creativity and personal attitude towards music, making it a refreshing collection.

Luo Yizhou, known for his dual identities as an actor and a singer, demonstrated a strong attitude towards music by creating a new music space called Z-pace exclusively for him. Inspired by the initial letter “Z” of his surname “Zhou” and the word “space,” Z-pace represents Luo Yizhou’s unique musical worldview. The EP “SIDE L is Different” serves as the official opening of his music space, signifying his deeper involvement in all aspects of the album’s creation, such as song collection, lyrics, and mixing. This sincere preparation aims to showcase a “different” Luo Yizhou to his fans and audience.

The EP consists of five songs: “Rolling,” “Summer,” “Loyalty,” “Rare Self,” and “Memories,” all of which have been simultaneously released on major music platforms. Listeners can now enter Luo Yizhou’s music space Z-pace to experience his original music intention. The title song “Rolling” stands out as one of the highlights of the EP, exuding a catchy rhythm and showcasing Luo Yizhou’s love and dedication to music through its unique melody and lyrics. The remaining four songs also exhibit their own distinctive characteristics, revealing the breadth and depth of Luo Yizhou’s musical style and vision. The concept poster, with its simple yet profound visual effects, features Luo Yizhou partially concealed in shadows, creating a mysterious and captivating personality charm that conveys his pursuit of music and art.

With the release of his first EP, Luo Yizhou embarks on a new chapter in his musical journey, embracing a vibrant and diverse range of styles and songs. He expressed his desire to explore and experiment with more types of music while spreading his musical philosophy to a wider audience.

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In the future of Luo Yizhou’s music space, each of his music works will transform into an exclusive galaxy, and as subsequent releases emerge, these galaxies will merge to form a captivating star-studded universe within Z-pace, attracting the attention of countless listeners.

Luo Yizhou’s first personal EP “SIDE L is Different” is now available for streaming on all major music platforms. Fans and music enthusiasts alike are encouraged to explore his music space Z-pace and delve into his unique musical world.

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