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Actor The Last of Us series: Who are the main actors and what new characters to expect in season 2?

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Actor The Last of Us series: Who are the main actors and what new characters to expect in season 2?

Immerse yourself in the captivating universe actors from the series The Last of Us, and discover all the juicy details about the talents who bring your favorite characters to life. From the main cast to the new faces joining season 2, let’s dive behind the scenes of this epic adventure together. Hold on tight, because we’re going to explore all the secrets and expectations surrounding this long-awaited series.

The main actors of the series The Last of Us

Actor The Last of Us series

The TV series The Last of Us, the long-awaited adaptation of the eponymous video game, has captivated its audience from its first episodes. At the heart of this success, the main players Peter Pascal et Bella Ramsey play respectively Joel Miller and Ellie Williams, now iconic characters for aficionados of the series and the game. Pedro Pascal, known for his notable roles in “Narcos” and “Game of Thrones”, brings depth and intensity to Joel. which captivate the viewer. Bella Ramsey, also revealed in “Game of Thrones”, lends Ellie a strength and vulnerability that touches the heart. Together, they form an unlikely and endearing duo, crossing a post-apocalyptic world populated with dangers.

The supporting actors and their contribution to the universe of The Last of Us

Alongside this main tandem, other secondary actors enrich the universe of the series. Gabriel Luna, interpreter of Tommy Miller, Joel’s brother, brings an additional dimension to the family and emotional dynamics of the story. The appearances of each secondary actor are windows opening onto the multiple facets of a world in ruins, where humanity fights for its survival. Among them, Kaitlyn Dever plays Abby Anderson, a key character who, without giving away any spoilers, plays a central role in the complex plot of The Last of Us.

The video game actors present in the series

The transition from the video game to the television series provided a reunion for fans, with some of the game’s actors reprising their roles on screen. Merle Dandrige, Jeffrey Pierce, Ashley Johnson et Troy Baker, who lent their voices and features to the original characters, provide continuity and legitimacy appreciated by fans. Their participation is a nod to the genesis of the project and a tribute to the source material that gave birth to the series.

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Introduction of new characters in the series

Each new episode is an opportunity to enrich the narrative with the introduction of new characters. Thus, episode 3 saw the arrival of Frank and Bill, two survivors who offer a different perspective on the universe of The Last of Us. These characters contribute to the diversity of stories and interactions, illustrating the multiple ways in which humanity adapts and resists in this post-apocalyptic universe.

What does The Last of Us season 2 have in store?

The Last of Us série

While the first season of The Last of Us continues to captivate its audience, the announcement of a season 2 is already raising strong expectations. The information available to date suggests a sequel that is just as immersive as its predecessor, with a cast that promises dazzling new performances. This anticipation is notably fueled by the revelations around the new faces who will join the cast, as well as by the intrigues which will continue to develop.

The wait around the series The Last of Us

Even before its release, The Last of Us was a highly anticipated series, particularly due to the popularity of the video game on which it was inspired. Chain HBO managed to create considerable excitement around this adaptation, by relying on a plot faithful to the original game, while adding its own touch. The casting, made up of talented actors, was also a determining factor in the anticipation generated by the series.


In short, The Last of Us is a work which, through its impressive casting and the quality of its production, has quickly established itself as a reference in the world of television series adapted from video games. The alchemy between the main and secondary actors, as well as the performances of the actors from the video game, contribute to the authenticity and depth of the universe depicted. With a second season imminent, fans can expect to be immersed once again in a captivating story, where the survival of humanity is at stake in a world where hope seems to be the rarest commodity .

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For more details on the casting of the series The Last of Us and the latest updates, do not hesitate to consult the Wikipedia and AlloCiné pages dedicated to the series, as well as the Breakflip articles for additional information on the actors and their characters.

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Who are the main actors in The Last of Us series?

The main actors of the series The Last of Us are Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller, Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams, and Kaitlyn Dever as Abby Anderson.

Which actors play the roles of Joel Miller and Ellie Williams in the series The Last of Us?

Pedro Pascal plays the role of Joel Miller and Bella Ramsey plays the role of Ellie Williams in the series The Last of Us.

Which actors play the roles of Tommy Miller and Theresa “Tess” Servopoulos in the series The Last of Us?

Gabriel Luna plays the role of Tommy Miller and Anna Torv plays the role of Theresa “Tess” Servopoulos in the series The Last of Us.

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