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Actor Zhang Zhehan was named by the Chinese Communist Party media and all endorsements were terminated | Jingri | Nogi Shrine, Japan

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[Epoch Times, August 14, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Gu Qing’er comprehensive report) Recently, the old photos of mainland actor Zhang Zhehan attending a friend’s wedding at Nogi Shrine in Japan and old photos taken in front of Yasukuni Shrine were exposed. Zhang Zhehan was exposed to a little pink “Encircle and suppress”. Although he issued an apology statement, several major official media of the Chinese Communist Party seemed not to let him go, and successively called out “re-approval by name.” As the incident fermented, more than a dozen brand owners also announced the dissolution of cooperation with him.

According to comprehensive media reports, Zhang Zhehan participated in the wedding of a Chinese-Japanese mixed-race friend in Japan in 2019. He took photos with the former first lady of Indonesia, Mrs. Devi, and took photos in front of the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan. He did not expect to be picked up by netizens recently. . Subsequently, Zhang Zhehan was attacked by a group of little pinks, accusing him of “a fine Japanese and insulting China.”

Afterwards, Zhang Zhehan’s friend apologized for this on the social media Instagram, emphasizing that Nogi Shrine is the place of choice for many Japanese people to get married.

On the afternoon of August 13, Zhang Zhehan issued a statement of apology on his Weibo. He said, “I attended a wedding held by a friend in Japan. I have oversight of the historical background of the wedding venue and the political background of other people attending the wedding banquet. This is My fault…. The photos I took in the group photo showed content that seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. I also solemnly apologize here, I’m sorry.”

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He also emphasized, “I am not pro-Japanese, I am Chinese! I have never made any remarks harmful to my motherland on any occasion! I deeply love my motherland!…As a public figure…more rigorous and self-disciplined, once again A solemn apology.”

Although Zhang Zhehan apologized, the Chinese Communist Party media CCTV News, People’s Daily, Military Daily, Global Net, and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League issued articles criticizing him for “ignorance”; first, CCTV criticized him for “injury national feelings”, and then reprinted by People’s Daily. He made an apology and criticized him for “not being aware of the suffering of the nation…they have to pay a heavy price.”

After the Chinese Communist Party media instigated the turmoil, the incident quickly fermented, and Zhang Zhehan was on the verge of being blocked. The major brands he endorsed immediately publicly “voiced” and “cut” him.

Lu Media reported that as of 22:00 on August 13th, brands endorsed by Zhang Zhehan have announced the termination of cooperation with Zhang Zhehan.

According to incomplete statistics, the brands that have terminated the contract with Zhang Zhehan include Wahaha Group, Coca-Cola, Taobao, Longines, Pandora Jewelry, Maybelline, Xu Fuji, Kyoto Nianjian, Pretz, KIMTRUE Qichu, Mercury Home Textiles E-commerce, Anker Anker More than 20 brands such as Gram, Baicao, Snow Deer Beer, Mobile Game “Fantasy Xin Zhu Xian” and Joyoung.

In addition to the termination of endorsement cooperation by various manufacturers, Zhang Zhehan’s four new dramas, movies, and variety shows are also facing the dilemma of not being able to broadcast. For example, Zhang Zhehan’s film “Peacekeeping Team” and the variety show “The Last Winner” also announced the termination of cooperation with him.

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Born in 1991, Zhang Zhehan graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy. He became an endorsement and promotion ambassador for large and small manufacturers because of the popularity of “Shanhe Ling”.

In addition to Zhang Zhehan, Kris Wu, the top Chinese traffic star who was previously Canadian, was also blocked by the CCP. Not only have all the endorsements stopped or suspended their contracts with him, but even his name has been replaced by a string of numbers in the movies he has participated in.

At the same time, several major party media including CCTV also rarely condemned; while some small state media and semi-official media were discussing the relationship between Wu Yifan’s fall and how the capital behind him was purged.

At the end of July, after Wu Yifan was arrested by Beijing police on suspicion of rape, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media criticized 22 celebrities by name, criticizing them for opening hot pot restaurants in fact “cutting leeks” and making money from high initial fees. The 22 artists include Chen He, Li Chen, Angelababy, Zheng Kai, Du Haitao, Wu Xin, He Jiong, Jia Ling, Wang Ou, Wang Zulan, Jing Boran, etc.

At the same time, Weibo convened more than 20 celebrity studios and brokerage companies to hold a “meet circle rectification symposium”, asking fans to chase stars rationally, resist fans tearing each other, raising funds, and showing off their wealth, and announced the offline “star power” List”.

Current affairs commentator Ji Da analyzed that the CCP must absolutely control its thinking. No matter who its fans are, it must be consistent with the party, and there is still free thinking in the fan circle. That is absolutely impossible, so it must be suppressed. The CCP’s crackdown on tutoring and education outside schools is exactly the same, in essence it is to engage in “brain control” to control the minds of all people.

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