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Adele is about to release a new album?

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Adele is about to release a new album?

The “Someone Like You” vocalist is said to have secretly recorded an album that could be released this year.

According to the source of The Sun, Adele has been quietly composing and recording many new songs over the past year. Those are all “The most upbeat, positive song ever” by the female singer, was inspired by the love story with her businessman boyfriend Rich Paul. Notably, Adele is also discussing a surprise album release at the end of 2023.

If the above information is confirmed, fans will have the opportunity to enjoy Adele’s latest disc less than two years after the “30” hit the shelves in November 2021. Before that, the owner of the hit “Hello” took 3 years to introduce to the public the album “21”, 4 years to prepare for “25”, and even 6 years to cherish “30”.

Adele’s new album is likely to be released at the end of 2023.

The source added: “Some of the songs on the album “30” were recorded before the pandemic, so Adele kept them during the blockade. But her life has completely changed since then. Adele has come up from the bottom of the abyss to fall madly in love and want the world to know. The music will reflect that. The next album is the product with the most optimistic content ever. She won’t be the queen of heartbreaking ballads anymore“.

On the other hand, after the last two shows held in Las Vegas last month, Adele announced that she will continue to perform the “Weekends With Adele” series of shows until November of this year. In addition, the female singer also plans to make a documentary film exclusively for these music nights.

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