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Adele: Paul Fu is particularly humorous and feels safe to be with him_Konecki

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Original title: Adele: Paul Fu is particularly humorous and feels safe with him

Beijing time on October 9th, the relationship between the famous singer Adele and LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul has become a hot topic in Hollywood this summer. The first time NBA fans noticed the relationship between the two was during the 2021 Finals. It turns out that the two have known each other for a long time. The Grammy Award winner recently disclosed her relationship with Rich Paul-they It was originally a friend.

Recently, in an interview with Alyssa Bailey of Elle magazine, Adele shared the funny details of her first encounter with Paul at a party. “He has been there, I just didn’t see him.” Adele said, she revealed that they met at a party a few years ago, “I was a little drunk, and I said,’Do you want to sign me? I’m an athlete now.’ He’s really funny. He can dance, and everyone else is sitting there. He’s dancing.”

Regarding the dating report, Adele said: “The truth is terrible, 99.9% of the reports about me are completely fabricated. (With Paul Paul, Adele feels very secure) I don’t feel anxious, Nervous and exhausted. This is crazy.”

Adele is also very confident in this relationship, “I am a 33-year-old divorced woman, I have a son, in fact, I control my life. The last thing I need is the kind of not knowing that I am Where, someone who doesn’t know what I want. I know what I need, and I also know what I really don’t want.” Adele said.

In addition, Adele also talked about her album, the reason for the divorce, current life and her weight loss journey in the interview.

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“I think this album is self-destruction, then self-reflection, and then self-salvation to some extent. I am ready now, and this time I really hope that people can hear my voice.” Adele Said, she added that this album is to a certain extent a tribute to the growth of her nine-year-old son Angelo, “I just think I want to explain to him through this record, when he was in his 20s and 30s, I Who it is and why I voluntarily chose to ruin his entire life in pursuit of my own happiness. This makes him really unhappy sometimes. This is a real trauma to me, and I don’t know if I can heal it. “

Speaking of ending the marriage with her husband Simon Konecki, Adele said: “None of us did anything wrong, and neither of us would hurt each other. It’s just that: I want my son to see that I love him very much, and I’m also affected by him. Love, it’s really important to me. Obviously Simon Konecki and I have never quarreled about him (Angelo) or anything like that. Angelo just said, “I don’t understand.” I don’t quite understand either. There is Many rules are about what happens and what doesn’t happen after marriage and marriage, but I am a very complicated person. I always let him know how I felt when I was young because I feel quite tired as an adult.”

“It is cruelest for other women to talk about my body. I am very disappointed about it. It hurts my feelings. Because I am anxious, exercise makes me feel good.” (Chenchen)

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