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Adolescents without stereotypes – Il Sole 24 ORE

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Adolescents without stereotypes – Il Sole 24 ORE

One of the fundamental ideas of the first SHAME, the Norwegian one, was to tell about adolescents without trying to educate them. Many series portray children starting from the concerns of adults, but here we wanted to talk about what worries them: sexuality, ambitions and anxieties for the future, acceptance by the peer group. The Italian version of SHAME had managed to capture this spirit, becoming one of the very rare homegrown children’s series really loved by children, and at the same time enjoyable also for an adult audience.

Now the same creative team (Cross productions, Ludovico Bessegato and Beatrice Urciuolo) is back with a new title, Prisma (Prime video), which continues the speech of SHAME without awe and without repeating things already seen. Clearly, the two series have a lot in common: the absence of paternalism, a quick and concise but not frantic editing, the great care in the choice of non-original music, here even more fundamental because some characters are trappers. At the same time, however, there is a greater stylistic maturity and a decidedly more compact story.

At the center are two twins, Andrea and Marco, both played by Mattia Carrano who is good at building two opposite personalities by changing gaze and posture. Of the two, one is not comfortable with masculinity, the other has attempted suicide. A small world moves around them in which no one follows a stereotypical arc of transformation nor is it a two-dimensional speck: even the police boyfriend of a very secondary character can surprise us. Beyond the various social issues touched upon, in fact, Prisma it is first and foremost a well written and well crafted series, which builds interesting characters and stages their lives with respect and delicacy. Starting from this basis, an unexpected look of understanding or a disappointing sexual relationship can have a very strong emotional impact, there is no need to resort to hysterical positions or twists. It is an aspirational story, played by beautiful actors, very stylish and visibly bigger than the characters they play, but it conveys a clear feeling of sincerity which also contributes to the setting in Latina, an oppressive but in its own way even poetic provincial city.

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Prisma – Ludovico Bessegato and Beatrice Urciuolo – Prime video

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