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Aesthetic medicine becomes social and preventive (and less invasive)

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Aesthetic medicine becomes social and preventive (and less invasive)

The demand for aesthetic medicine treatments is constantly growing, but the risk of transforming this discipline from restorative to transformative also increases. This is the first alarm bell, which emerged at the 44th edition of the Sime Congress (Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine) which took place in Rome in recent days. «This trend is not good for many reasons, but above all because we realize that aesthetics and good taste are starting to be lacking in aesthetic medicine operators – explains Emanuele Bartoletti, president of Sime -. It is a typically Italian trend that is not found internationally. The Americans, over ten years ago, were the first to transform the faces of their patients and now they have understood the mistake and are looking for a natural effect. It is not clear why we now abound with faces filled with fillers, especially at the level of the cheekbone, which become almost grotesque. The cause is partly social media, an exploit of images retouched by photoshop, absolutely unreal, which however gain a hold on the public, educating the patient to an erroneous conception of aesthetic medicine. It is our primary task to limit these transformations, a conscientious aesthetic doctor would never implement certain practices. For this reason, like Sime, we reiterate the importance, together with the other scientific societies, of intervening significantly on these altered communications with respect to aesthetics and ethics”.

Congress focused on three focal points. The first is social aesthetic medicine which, if performed correctly, cannot do without a diagnostic approach. The visit to the aesthetic doctor begins with a traditional anamnesis to check the general state of health of the patient, during which it is not strange to find pre-diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease and other pathologies. The second point is preventive aesthetic medicine. Intercepting a postural alteration at a young age can avoid more serious problems as the years go on. Or discovering in girls a positivity for circulatory diseases, lower limbs or cellulite. «In this way, even if cellulite is not cured, we can teach those who suffer from it a correct lifestyle, recommend supplements and targeted therapies – continues Bartoletti -. Cellulite is not just an aesthetic problem and must be treated in order to prevent it from causing walking problems over time due to heavy and swollen legs. Another important aspect is the skin check-up to understand if there is a suspicion of a basal cell epithelioma, a skin tumor, or a mole that does not convince us, then we immediately send the patient to the dermatologist for diagnostic confirmation”.

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The last focus is supportive aesthetic medicine in patients who have developed a trauma or in cancer patients. «In recent years – he continues -, we have been trying to work to develop a good method in a concrete way. So much so that we have done courses in aesthetic medicine in oncology to prepare colleagues to support the oncological patient in the prevention, as well as in the management, of the complications of chemo-radiotherapy”.

Botox, filler e fili

The four botulinum toxins on the market were compared at the Congress and each company explained the specificity of their product, so as to be able to choose the best solution for the patient and the safest therapy in aesthetic medicine in relation to their characteristics. A highly requested treatment is the rhinofiller, a real trend on social media, with over 71 million views on Tik Tok for #rinofiller, and 12.1 million for #rinofillermilano. The rhinofiller, like lip fillers, guarantee an immediate “wow” effect, therefore they are suitable for social media. The treatment, through hyaluronic acid infiltrations sometimes combined with botox, is indicated to treat small malformations such as a tip that goes down or the back of the nose slightly sunken or a slight hump.

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