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Africa, the non-place of the coronavirus

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Africa is a non-place from many points of view, including the coronavirus. The pandemic is also raging on the black continent but almost no one talks about it, perhaps because Covid is added to many other problems that seem insoluble. Try to change the perspective the book “Karibu Covid” by Paola Viola, teacher, photographer, expert in human rights and children’s rights, humanitarian worker, co-founder and president of the volunteer organization “Una mano per un Sorriso – For Children” active for eleven years.

“Karibu Covid. The Coronavirus pandemic in Kenya told by those who are experiencing it “(Piazza Editore) is the story of a humanitarian journey between July and August 2021, 30 days with 30 interviews of people who, on the other side of the world, they are living the same story as us. Each person interviewed tells their experience from their point of view by observing what is happening in their home, for those who have one; observing the world from his life, without pretending to tell us absolute truths or to give us enlightening teachings. “Yet I have learned something from each of them,” says Paola Viola. “And all the photographs depicting the protagonists of the interviews that make up this book were taken by ma”.

This book deals with issues such as health, family, climate, migration, politics and police abuse, in short, the struggle for survival in extreme conditions, but it goes even further: the meaning of life, faith, God.

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