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After 27 days of fighting they managed to control the fire

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After 27 days of fighting they managed to control the fire

After 27 days of battle, The brigade members managed to control the intentional fire that started at the end of January in the Bahía Rosales area, in the Los Alerces National Park, northwest of Chubut. It is estimated that 6,924 hectares of “native forest, bush/shrubland and grassland” were affected.

That the fire is “controlled” means that “the control tasks have been successful, establishing the limits to the advance of the fire, without it having the possibility of exceeding them, there may be activity inside. The line of control has been definitively established and secured. This situation is irreversible,” it was reported from the Los Alerces National Park.

During this Tuesday, Staff continued to work with hand tools and water equipment. In some sectors, tours are carried out to detect hot spots, in others, cooling, construction and closure of firebreak strips continue to be carried out. lThe aerial means carried out launches on active hotspots.

According to the Chubut Provincial Fire Management Service, Tomorrow, Wednesday, the staff will continue the tours and reinforce the work with hand tools and water equipment on the active lights. There will be support from fire engines to reinforce firebreaks and aerial means to collaborate with the cooling and personnel transportation tasks.

Today 155 combatants worked of the SPMF, PN LOS ALERCES, NEA National Brigade of the SNMF, APN, Santiago del Estero, Santa Fé and CABA Firefighters, it was reported.

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