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After 53 days in pretrial detention, the tweeters released in Jujuy denounced irregularities and mistreatment in prison

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After 53 days in pretrial detention, the tweeters released in Jujuy denounced irregularities and mistreatment in prison

The former governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, appeared today as a plaintiff in the case for which two men were detained for 53 days for suggesting on social networks that their wife Tulia Snopek had been unfaithful to them. The accused men were also interviewed, who They denounced that in prison they wanted to “break them psychologically” and that they expect “the worst” from Jujuy Justice. In Jujuy “there is no democracy,” they stated

The environmental engineer and university professor Marcelo Nahuel Morandini45 years old, fHe was arrested on January 4 in Penal Unit 1 of Jujuy for writing on social networks a message about the private life of former governor Gerardo Morales. “The Los Tekis Carnival (a scam that tourists fall into) has been held in Jujuy for several years now. But this year it is not held. And everything seems to be because one of Los Tekis teaches the ex-governor’s wife how to play the quena. “It’s impossible to get bored in Kukuy,” she said ironically in her X account.

This Tuesday an interview conducted by The nationin which Morandini reported that he was detained anonymously, by police officers who entered his house without identifying themselves, with false excuses. “The prison service received me, They gave me ‘routine’ checks that consisted of undressing me, filming me and taking my data. They filmed me naked on several occasions in the procedural part. They then transferred me to the health section, where they undressed me again and then took me to pavilion 2, where the guards undressed me and filmed me,” she said.

“When they admitted me to cell 40, I spent three nights without slippers, underwear or glassesHe only had a shirt and pants. He could not leave the cell dressed, every time an officer or someone from health showed up. I had to get naked. The cell had six tiles, it was 2 by 2.40 meters. I had a window that I couldn’t look out of, the cement floor was permanently wet. They gave me a mattress and a bottle and a bowl to relieve myself.They didn’t give me toilet paper. They opened my cell five times a day,” Morandini recalled.

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The accused man reproached that in prison They tried to hold him responsible “for things that I did not do and they wanted to achieve it by intimidating, pressuring, moving me, undressing me, subduing me, to break me psychologically. I didn’t do it and I’m not going to do it. My fear was my life and that of my family” and he added: “Now I don’t feel powerful, at all. I know that My life is not going to be the same as it was before., it has transformed, it has expanded. But I do feel that my voice and my complaint are necessary at this moment.”

Finally, the engineer and professor admitted: “I’m afraid of what might happen, I don’t know what steps to follow for Justice and the former governor. I recently sent an audio from the prison holding the governor responsible for my integrity and I will continue to do so. Anything that happens to us will be the responsibility of the government. What has happened to me is shameful, disciplining and terrifying,” he commented.

“We always expect the worst from Justice”

In another interview conducted this Tuesday, the second man released and under investigation in Jujuy for alleged psychological injuries to Tulia Snopek, called Humberto Roque Villegas, 42 years old, said that his main current concern is the start of classes, since being detained he could not generate income to support his four children and cannot buy supplies. The publication through which he started his judicial problem was on Facebook and was about photos of Morales and Snopek’s daughter, suggesting that she was actually born as the product of a parallel relationship of the woman with a musician from the folklore group Los Tekis.

“We never imagined that, by sharing a post that was already viral, this was going to happen. Yes, we imagined what Jujuy Justice is because we know that it is not democracy, but a dedocracy. I have nothing personal with Morales, but the management was a mess and, because of that, they looked for an excuse to detain us for 53 days. I didn’t want to make fun of people or anything like that, but rather It was a joke that was already on the networks, I did not seek to offend anyone“Villegas admitted in communication with Reynaldo Sietecase, in Radio With You.

The independent textile worker reported that The trial will begin on March 20 and declared: “We always expect the worst from Justice.” Regarding the decision of prosecutor Walter Rondón, who ordered the arrest of both men and, this Monday, asked Judge Gustavo Ortiz to release them, he said that “it is not strange because it’s something common: They looked for excuses on WhatsApp and networks to continue blaming us for something that does not exist. Sooner or later the circus was going to fall. It’s not over yet, but They seek to silence the people and say ‘don’t mess with us, look what happens to them’”, he added.

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Villegas recalled a “regular” experience in prison and indicated that he depended on the guards on duty. “The inmates understood us and we did our part to get everyone along. There are no other detainees, the other 2,000 who were supposedly going to fall are not there, according to the prosecutor,” he noted. Finally, He reported that the Justice Department has seized their phones and “they are using our networks, sending messages that intimidate people.” and postulated: “I am not afraid, but if this case had not had national repercussions we would already be condemned. The current governor still has not realized that he took office, he is still in the clouds.”

Martín Lousteau described the preventive detention of tweeters in Jujuy as “abusive”

Morales presented himself as a plaintiff against Morandini and Villegas

The former governor of Jujuy appeared today as a plaintiff in the case, as is his wife, and the public prosecution is in the hands of prosecutor Walter Rondón. He also referred to the case for the first time and assured that Morandini and Villegas They caused “irreparable damage” to his two-year-old daughter: “What do I tell my daughter when she asks me who the father is?” he lamented.

In this context, Morales maintained this Tuesday that men They were not arrested “for tweeting” but for being part of a “criminal group” that he altered the identity of his two-year-old daughter and generated “psychological injuries” due to gender violence on his wife, which is why he intends for the case to reach the Supreme Court of Justice.

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“This is not a cause for tweeting in Jujuy, but rather it is a cause organized by Morandini and Villegas for organize, plan, create, disseminate and make uncertain and alter the identity of a two-year-old girl and due to psychological injuries aggravated by gender violence in the case of my wife“Morales assured in statements to Radio Miter. “I am going to take care of the honor of my wife and the identity of my daughter, which is the most serious crime in this case,” remarked the former governor.

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