Home Entertainment After a year of farewell, Douban score 8.2 “Kunlun Shrine” scares you

After a year of farewell, Douban score 8.2 “Kunlun Shrine” scares you

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After a year of farewell, Douban score 8.2 “Kunlun Shrine” scares you

The picture is the public material of the online drama “Kunlun Shrine”

□Chutian Metropolis Daily Jimu News chief reporter Zhang Cong intern Shen Zixin

Hu Bayi had a “dream within a dream”: he dreamed of the fierce fight he encountered at the Great Phoenix Temple in Kunlun Mountains when he was a soldier, and was awakened by the white-haired wolf king behind him, and when he woke up, he was scratched by the black cat squatting on his body. He was injured, but the golden blood flowing out of the wound could not be washed away. He turned back to call Fatty, only to find that the other party was rapidly drying up and getting old. This time, he really woke up…

The audience in front of the screen was also frightened.

On the evening of September 20, the online drama “Ghost Blowing the Lantern”, which was “renewed” again after a year, used this “dream within a dream”, which is particularly suspenseful, to start “Kunlun Shrine”. As the third “Ghost Blowing Lamp Series” of the “Iron Triangle” Pan Yueming, Zhang Yuqi, and Jiang Chao, netizens not only sighed that this dream is exciting enough, but also ran around in the barrage: “Everyone, I haven’t seen you for a year!”

On September 22, “Kunlun Shrine” was scored on Douban. Currently, the score is 8.2.

Hardcore Adventure

The tacit understanding of the Iron Triangle remains

Although only 7 episodes of “Kunlun Shrine” have been updated at present, the elements of its “hardcore adventure” have been displayed in place.

In the broadcast story, Hu Bayi, Shirley Yang, and Fatty Wang prepare to go to Kunlun Mountain to uncover the secret of Zong Chenzhu, while Uncle Ming (played by Tang Zhenye), a Hong Kong antiques dealer, wants to bury their parents together in Kunlun Mountain. Convince the trio to work with it.

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“After chasing the first four episodes in one breath, the audio-visual quality is good, and the special effects are good, especially the scenery in the temple, which is delicate and cumbersome, with good intentions.” On Douban, the netizen “Dong Dong Qiang” complained that the first four episodes were not enough to watch. Netizen “Liuyuan Didi” praised the live-action shooting in the play, “The large-scale aerial footage brings a refreshing sense of vision to the audience. The moment the scene of the Samsara Temple built on the dangerous Gobi came out, I felt it was too grand. !” More audiences sighed because of the tacit cooperation of the “Iron Triangle”, “It’s still the same taste”, “The red pants woven by the fat man for Hu Bayi finally appeared. This is a symbol of revolutionary friendship.”

The addition of Uncle Ming’s team also allowed “Kunlun Shrine” to reveal the greed of human nature beyond the exploration. Tang Zhenye shaped the image of Uncle Ming, a profiteer who spoke crappy Mandarin and had a big belly, very well, while A Dong quietly returned to the Samsara Temple in the middle of the night to try to steal the Buddha statue, but he opened the gate of hell behind the statue and released the sin-eating Balu. The first person in the play to “get a box lunch”.

The picture is exquisite

Plateau real scene is praised as scenery documentary

The three leading actors almost unanimously believed that the challenge they encountered in shooting “Kunlun Shrine” was that the actual shooting on the plateau was too physically demanding. Because the altitude of the location shooting is above 3,500 meters, Pan Yueming still remembers, “It’s easy to be out of breath when the altitude is high.”

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The crew also introduced that the challenge faced by “Kunlun Shrine” was the actual shooting of the snow-covered plateau. “The work efficiency is one third of the usual one, and it once reached more than 5,800 meters during the scene survey.” At the same time, the plateau shooting is inconvenient. Requires a lot of time to move equipment.

But this kind of dedication also made “Kunlun Shrine” a beautiful shot. Many netizens left messages on Weibo: Watch the documentary of the great river and mountain scenery of the motherland!

Watching the “Ghost Blowing Lamp Series”, of course, it depends on the final presentation of the horror monsters in the original work. It is reported that the special effects of “Kunlun Shrine” even far exceed the film level. The crew produced nearly 7,000 special effects shots to restore the battle between the “Iron Triangle” group and the wolves, Eating Sin Balu, Xue Maitreya, and avalanches and collapses. Wait for the lens. In the first 4 episodes of the first episode, the most frightening Sin-eating Baru was first constructed by the visual effects team to build the body shape and bone structure, and then to refine the facial features, “We want to present a half-orc feeling, its body shape is not Big but very agile, with powerful limbs and tail, very sharp teeth. And to match the environment, it must not be sticky and wet, but dry.”

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