Home Entertainment After Lin Chi-ling returns to Taiwan, her first post is to meet fans | New book sharing session | The Epoch Times

After Lin Chi-ling returns to Taiwan, her first post is to meet fans | New book sharing session | The Epoch Times

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After Lin Chi-ling returns to Taiwan, her first post is to meet fans | New book sharing session | The Epoch Times

[Epoch Times, October 4, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zhong Youchun reported) Lin Chiling, who settled in Japan with her husband after marriage, recently returned to Taiwan with her husband and son for the Mid-Autumn Festival. She, who has been living a low-key and happy life, confirmed in a Facebook post on October 3 that she will hold a new book sharing session in Taipei on October 9, and announce the specific time and place of her appearance, so that readers will “see you or not.” Make fans look forward to it.

Lin Chiling wrote on Facebook for the first time after returning to Taiwan: “Thank you very much for your support. It’s just right and elegant, and it’s just right to meet you.” She confirmed earlier media reports that she will be at the Eslite Songyan Performance Hall on October 9. Held a sharing session on the new book “Just Right Elegance – Sister Zhiling’s Way of Self-cultivation”. Netizens watched and called “Sister Zhiling, who has not been seen for a long time”. (click to see post)

After marriage, Lin Zhiling, who focused on the family, used the fragmentary time when her son was sleeping to write a new autobiographical book, sharing her insights into becoming a wife and a mother, and also let fans know the unknown side of “Sister Zhiling” in private. Since the book was launched in May this year, it has been on the bestseller lists of Blog Lai, Eslite and Jinshitang bookstores for more than 20 weeks.

Lin Zhiling, 47 years old this year, married AKIRA (Ryohei Kurosawa), a member of Japan’s “Wandering Brothers” in 2019, and announced that she had won Liner on New Year’s Eve this year. At that time, she posted a photo of the husband and wife and the child’s fingers folded together, and shouted “Thank you for coming to our home” to her son in English, which surprised and delighted all walks of life.

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On the day of the 3rd wedding anniversary, Lin Chiling also posted a happy photo of a family of three, and wrote “3rd anniversary, a family of 3 holding hands, peace and security 3Q, plainness is a blessing”. In the photo, the baby is wearing green clothes with the word “3” printed on it, and his chubby little hands are leaning on the big hands of his father AKIRA and mother Lin Chiling. Although the family of three did not show their faces, the happy atmosphere infected a large number of netizens. (click to see photo)

According to the “Sanli News Network” report, Lin Chiling’s family of three may return to Taiwan this time, and it is possible to settle in Taiwan. The key reason is that the filial Lin Chiling is in order to take care of her ill-healthy mother Wu Cimei. (click to see photo)

AKIRA’s agent revealed that since AKIRA will have less group activities in the next year, he will have more time for himself. He has always been fond of his wife and feels that after marriage, almost all Lin Chiling will cooperate with him to live in Japan, so this time he will come to Taiwan to accompany him. family. In the future, he will fly between Taiwan and Japan depending on the work situation, and he is also negotiating work in Taiwan one after another.

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