Home Entertainment After “Shangshi” hit Gao Tian, ​​Gao abused the “Ji Jin couple” and fell into the Cold War again – Xinhua English.news.cn

After “Shangshi” hit Gao Tian, ​​Gao abused the “Ji Jin couple” and fell into the Cold War again – Xinhua English.news.cn

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After “Shangshi” hit Gao Tian, ​​Gao abused the “Ji Jin couple” and fell into the Cold War again – Xinhua English.news.cn

Source title: After the hit of “Shangshi” Gao Tian, ​​the high abuse “Ji Jin couple” fell into the Cold War again

Produced by Mango TV, Dongyang Huanyu Film and Television, co-produced by Dongyang Zhihe Film and Television, directed by Wang Wei and Bai Yunmo, starring Xu Kai, Wu Jinyan, Wang Churan, Wang Yizhe, Zhang Nan, He Fengtian, Liu Min, He Ruixian, Wang Yan, Lian Lian Lian special starring, Yu Rongguang, Hong Jiantao, Zhang Zhixi, Wang Yu, Deng Sha, Cheng Lisha friendship starring 40 episodes of ancient costume inspirational food drama “Shangshi” is on the air. Zhu Zhanji and Yao Zijin ushered in a big wedding. While the sweetness was upgraded, why did they fall into the “Cold War” again? After Zhu Zhanji succeeded to the throne, there were many crises. What kind of difficulties will the two overcome together?

“Ji Jin couple” staged “bath bucket kiss” Shang Shi Bureau “fight” and upgrade

After many tests, Yao Zijin (played by Wu Jinyan) has his own understanding and cognition of cooking. At the same time, the “fighting food” of the Shangshi Bureau has been upgraded, and various delicacies have made netizens sigh with emotion: “Chinese cuisine is unparalleled in the world“. In the already broadcasted plot, Yao Zijin was named the concubine of the prince, and the “bath kiss” with Zhu Zhanji (Xu Kai) made fans shout: Finally, the sugar is here, I hope the “Jijin couple” will always be sweet go down. So far, Zhu Zhanji and Yao Zijin’s lovers finally got married. However, Zhu Zhanji was angry with Yao Zijin seven times in one episode, and was laughed at by netizens as a “vinegar jar”. On the other hand, Zhu Gaochi (played by Hong Jiantao) died of a critical illness, and You Yifan (played by Wang Yizhe) “assisted” the rebellion of the king of Han. Yao Zijin could not bear the burial of concubines and concubines in the harem, and vowed to abolish this ancestral system. Can her ideal be realized?

In the story that will be updated from this Friday, Yao Zijin is concubine, but Queen Hu Shanxiang (played by Zhang Nan) suffers from hypoxia. Yin Ziping (played by He Ruixian) was framed by Su Yuehua (played by Wang Churan), and Yao Zijin pleaded for her, but was ordered by Zhu Zhanji to confine and think about it. One is unhappy and the other is waiting for nothing, and the “Jiang couple” once again fell into a cold war. Zhu Zhanji was deeply regretful when he learned that Yao Zijin had relapsed and was unable to speak. Yao Zijin is determined to punish Su Yuehua for what he did, but Meng Shanggong (Wang Yan) is willing to atone for his sins with his body, but Su Yuehua doesn’t appreciate it. What will happen in the future? On the other hand, Zhu Zhanji was on patrol outside in a micro-service, and You Yifan wanted to take the opportunity to assassinate, but in the end, why couldn’t he bear it?

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All-round display of the ultimate aesthetics and inheritance of Chinese cultural treasures

In addition to the fascinating plots, the extreme aesthetics shown in the play also allow many audiences to experience the ancient life scene as if they were on the scene. This wonderful visual enjoyment benefits from the initial impression of architecture, clothing, and utensils produced by ancient paintings. Using the “sense of ancient paintings” to create a “jade face” texture, and reasonably “hiding” the presentation of palace colors and objects of different materials behind the actors, is the main way of expressing the filming of the series. Then use color, light and shadow to create and present full fireworks in a specific space. As for the setting of each scene in the play, such as the Shangshi Bureau of the main scene of the story development, through the division of regions and the reduction of complexity and simplicity, it reflects the architectural style of the royal majesty without losing its characteristics. Other scene settings have also been adjusted according to the characters. For example, the overall style of the Caoshe Study Room is simple and elegant without losing extravagance and bookishness, which is very in line with the character setting of the male protagonist.

In addition, “Shangshi” also made great efforts in costume design. First, determine the clothing style and pattern layout according to the character’s grade, and then determine the clothing color, embroidery color and accessories matching according to the character’s personality. Whether it is men’s styles with a straight body, Taoist robes, lining, round neck robes, drapes, etc., as well as court women’s casual clothes with jackets and skirts, outer drapes and round neck robes, they have all been redesigned one by one. “The overall clothing is loose and atmospheric, and the embroidery and weaving are very special. We copied the feeling of the entire fabric with reference to the remnants of the museum, so the fabrics in the play are all customized.” In this regard, the play’s styling director said. In addition to the costumes, the court etiquette, customs, seasonings, etc. involved in the play have all been carefully collected. Adhering to the creative principle of “big things are not false and small things are not limited”, they are re-created, hoping to use this to make the magnificent and atmospheric Chinese culture is presented to a wider audience.

Tasting Chinese food and appreciating Chinese aesthetics, “Shangshi” is broadcast exclusively on Mango TV at 20 o’clock today, and members will watch it first! From March 4th, members will update 2 episodes every Friday and Saturday, 1 episode on Sunday and Monday, and non-members will update 1 episode every Saturday to Tuesday, so stay tuned.

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