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After the drama version of “The Three-Body Problem” dominated the screen, VHQ helped present the original sci-fi world_TOM Entertainment

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After the drama version of “The Three-Body Problem” dominated the screen, VHQ helped present the original sci-fi world_TOM Entertainment

On January 15, it was adapted from the novel of the same name by the famous science fiction writer Liu Cixin“Three Body”The TV drama version ushered in the premiere, detonating the upsurge of watching dramas on the Internet. The main creative team of the film strictly follows the content of the original work in the narrative of the film with the creation method of “as close as possible to the original work”, and has won praise from many loyal fans of the original work.

As “the pinnacle of Chinese sci-fi”, the drama production of “Three-Body” needs to ensure that many sci-fi scenes are comparable to reality.The strong appeal of the film also attracted many top domestic film and television post-production companies to participate in the production.

Among them, Beijing Vichike International Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as VHQ Beijing Company or VHQ) relies on its rich experience in film and television post-production and a technical elite team gathered around the world to help the drama version of “Three-Body Problem” with more shocking visual effects. presented to the audience.

Team up with VHQ to help the “Three-Body Problem” show the wonderful original work

Compared with the domestic film and television environment, science fiction themes have always been relatively scarce in the drama market, and “Three-Body Problem” is a super IP in this theme.As the award-winning work of Liu Cixin’s 73rd Hugo Award, the novel “Three-Body Problem” has a rigorous and bold sci-fi setting, magnificent cosmic landscape and exquisite physical conception, which makes the film and television of this IP difficult. challenge.

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As a strong enterprise in the domestic film and television post-production industry, VHQ Beijing Company cherishes this challenge and opportunity very much. This time, VHQ Beijing Company undertook the production of the content of “Guzheng Action” in the drama series, which is one of the most important famous scenes in the story of “Three-Body Problem”.

In order to ensure the shocking presentation of this story, in the early stage of cooperation with the main creative team of the “Three-Body Problem” series, the later team of VHQ Beijing Company was familiar with the original “Three-Body Problem” and imagined the science fiction behind the “Three-Body Problem” series. Wonders of the world. Combined with the original story and active communication with the main creative team, multiple versions of creative solutions have been provided successively to ensure that the visual creativity is “as close as possible to the original”.

Since then, VHQ has worked closely with the main creative team of “The Three-Body Problem”. In order to portray the authenticity of the scene, VHQ’s post-production visual effects team added many real details to the scene based on the real reality structure. The film story of the “Three-Body Problem” drama series undertook is more realistic.In the end, within the limited production time, VHQ Beijing Company guaranteed that the CG special effects scenes produced for the drama version of “The Three-Body Problem” were comparable to those of blockbuster films.

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Down-to-earth VHQ builds the foundation of visual effects with hard power

VHQ Beijing Branch was able to win the favor of the main creative team of “The Three-Body Problem” thanks to its rich film and television post-production experience and a global technical elite team.As a leading vertical integrated management media group in Asia, VHQ Media Holdings Group has gone through a long history of 35 years in the field of special effects, and its branches are located in Singapore, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and other important cities. Since entering the Chinese market in 2013, Beijing VHQ Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of VHQ, has always taken the needs of partners as the starting point, and completed the visual effects production of works for partners at high speed and high quality.

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With the support of talents and technologies with international standards, the whole-process framework system built by VHQ,It satisfies customers’ all-round needs from planning, conception to post-production, and at the same time can design and formulate efficient workflows. The two service systems of “VHQ film and television post-production one-stop service” and “VHQ advertising content one-stop service” are well-known both inside and outside the industry. The experience accumulation and wisdom crystallization of VHQ talents further strengthened the post-production creative team’s control over content production, and greatly improved the efficiency of film and television post-production. Through this series of professional processes, many highly ornamental and attractive Excellent works can be incubated quickly.

After the drama version of

And VHQ and its Chinese partners have brewed masterpieces, and the many awards they have won are even more commendable.VHQ has won many awards such as Philippine Committee Award, New York Animation Festival Award, China Advertising Film Golden Lion Award, IAI International Advertising Production Award Silver Award, Los Angeles Independent Short Film Award, Visual Effects/CGI Best Special Effects Award, and China International Advertising Award. Talents and technology have built a solid foundation, and works full of artistic sense continue to boost VHQ’s industry reputation.

Standing at the inflection point of industry development, based on the good reputation and trophies in the industry, VHQ is taking off. With the efforts of VHQ creators and partners, it is believed that more well-known and excellent works will take root and germinate, allowing more Artistic works and artistic images of different cultural symbols are on the horizon.

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