Home Entertainment Aiming at the parent-child market, Changsha Cinema “fancy” to make extra money- Today’s attention- Hunan Online

Aiming at the parent-child market, Changsha Cinema “fancy” to make extra money- Today’s attention- Hunan Online

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Aiming at the parent-child market, Changsha Cinema “fancy” to make extra money- Today’s attention- Hunan Online

Some staged live-action children’s dramas, and some opened “playgrounds”… The profit trend is improving

Aiming at the parent-child market, Changsha Cinema “fancy” to make extra money

On July 24, the live-action children’s drama in the Longwan store of Huaxia Studios was performing.Photo courtesy of the interviewee

“The experience is very good. Basically, as long as there is a new drama, I will bring my children to watch it.” On the afternoon of July 24, at Huaxia Cinema on the fourth floor of Longwan Commercial Plaza, Ms. Liu was preparing to check in. She and her four-year-old daughter are about to watch the children’s drama “The Ranger Little Red Riding Hood.”

On July 25, a reporter from Sanxiang Metropolis Daily visited and found that the parent-child market has become a battlefield for movie theaters to “dig gold”. The move of live-action children’s dramas and parent-child facilities into movie theaters has become popular in Changsha.

All media reporter Zhu Rong Intern Wang Shujing

Attempt to transform, the movie theater “changes” the theater

“Actually, I also like watching this kind of cheerful and lively children’s drama, and I will come again next time.” Xiao Wang, a female college student who led her sister out of the theater, told reporters that she and her sister watched it very seriously, and took a photo with the actors. .

After the performance, the theater’s No. 2 projection hall was lively. The children rushed to the stage. Among them, some were whispering to the actors, while others were trying to touch the costumes of the protagonists.

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Liu Zhisheng, manager of the Longwan store of Huaxia Studios, said that children’s dramas were launched only on June 1 this year, and the current ticket sales rate for each performance can reach 70-80%.

“If it doesn’t work, it can only be eliminated, so I have the idea of ​​transformation.” According to his recollection, when the epidemic began in 2020, the cinema was closed for more than eight months, and it was difficult to operate. At the moment when the epidemic is normalized, the audience’s enthusiasm for watching movies is not high. For the live-action children’s drama, they have also invested a lot of money and manpower.

The first time it set foot in the parent-child market, the theater tasted the “sweetness”. At present, it is planned to continue to run the children’s theater.

Equipped with amusement facilities, go to the parent-child market to dig gold

Liu Zhisheng revealed that inspired by children’s dramas, some of the movie theaters in the current cinema will also be rented out to kindergartens and primary schools for performance venues, and the profitability is good.

On July 25, a reporter from Sanxiang Metropolis Daily visited and found that some cinemas in Changsha have tried to set foot in the parent-child market. In addition to the “Real Children’s Drama” of Huaxia Cinemas, cinemas such as Changsha Huanying Cinemas Huiju Store and Wanyinghui Cinemas Gaoshengtiandi Store have opened parent-child cinemas, which are well received by small audiences.

In the No. 8 parent-child hall of Huanying Cinema, it is equipped with an ocean ball pool, slides, and colorful sofa seats. A netizen exclaimed, “This is a movie theater, this is a playground!”

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A parent also said that the style of this hall is relatively warm. If children don’t want to watch movies, they can play by themselves. Adults lie on the sofa seats to rest. “Both children and adults have a good sense of experience.”

Ms. Gong, the head of the administrative and personnel department of Wanyinghui Cinemas Gaoshengtiandi Store, introduced that there are several types of screening halls such as couples hall, LUXE giant screen hall, D-BOX hall, etc., but the popularity of parent-child hall is very prominent, and the attendance rate is very high. Basically, it can reach more than 85%, and it will be higher on weekends.

Diversified operations, “to make profits” from the broader market

A reporter from Sanxiang Metropolis Daily learned that as early as November 2020, CGV Studios in Shenyang took the lead in launching the “Children’s Space Dream Sail” Cinema Children’s Theater, introducing a variety of children’s drama interpretations into the cinema, allowing children They get more real experience and interaction. It is necessary to break through the original business ideas and find new profit points in new markets.

Liu Zhisheng said that expanding revenue by opening up a diversified business model can also be regarded as finding another way out for movie theaters. “It is difficult for the film and television industry now. If you want to survive the past, you must consider transformation.” He believes that at present, children’s theaters are profitable. The sex is relatively considerable, and it is a relatively good model that can be “copy-pasted”. In the future, we can try to extend it to the whole of Changsha.

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