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Aina Ashida was appointed by the famous medical department to raise her child prodigy by these “7 sentences”_Time_Education_Mother

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Aina Ashida was appointed by the famous medical department to raise her child prodigy by these “7 sentences”_Time_Education_Mother

Original title: Aina Ashida was appointed by the famous medical department to raise her prodigy parents by these “7 sentences”

Aina Ashida was educated by her parents who were appointed by the Ministry of Medicine, so perfect! “7 Words” for Raising Child Prodigies

Some online news reports that the famous child star Aina Ashida was “informed to enter the medical department of a famous private university” caused a topic in Japan.

Ashida Aina entered a private school that is extremely difficult to enter in Japan in the middle school entrance examination. Now it is recommended to be sent to the medical department of Keio University. It is said that only 5 people can go directly to the medical department of a series of universities from the women’s school. It is where outstanding students gather to stand out. Although there is also a sour lemon saying that “it’s too early to decide to enter a higher school at this stage of the third grade”, but in view of the previous reports that Aina Ashida is “super-excellent”, it is not surprising even if she passes.

“Aina sauce originally gave people an intellectual impression. In recent years, she has made amazing speeches at production conferences, and her speech that directly hits the essence of things is impressive. Japanese literature researcher Robert Campbell also praised her as a genius. It is said that after the official report of the Ministry of Medicine was released, many people searched online for how Aicai’s parents were raised.” (Internet media editor)

In 2010, when he was 6 years old, he played the role of the abused girl in the TV series “Mother” (Japanese TV), showing amazing acting skills. The following year, in 2011, he was selected as the youngest 7-year-old starring in the history of a prime-time serial in “Goodbye Our Kindergarten” (Fuji TV). He debuted as a singer by singing “Maru Maru Mori Mori!” with Fuku Suzuki, and became famous as a national talent child star.

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Actresses and academics are among the best. How did such Aina Ashida come out?

Parents are taught this way:

“I joined the child star agency I belong to now when I was 3 years old. It is said that I live in Hyogo and go to Tokyo every time I work. My father is an elite working in a big bank, and my mother is a colleague.

It seems that her parents bought Ashida a lot of books and read them to her since she was a child. It is often a life of having books at hand. I was surprised to hear that I read Junichiro Tanizaki’s “Fine Snow” when I was in the sixth grade of Aina Elementary School. “(Ashita’s acquaintance)

It is said that Aina has been studying hard since she was a primary school student, regardless of the genre, and she has read more than 300 books in a year. In 2019, “Aica’s Bookshelf” was published in which Aica talks about her favorite books.

“Maybe it’s because I have read a lot of books, which gives the impression of a rich vocabulary. Since elementary school, honorifics are perfect. I also read books between shootings.” (News program director)

The study of the senior high school entrance examination starts from the “Summer of the 6th grade of elementary school”

Not only is she enthusiastic about learning, but her etiquette is also very good. Everyone speaks highly of her.Its root is the mother’s teaching

“When Ashida was 7 years old, she did a special feature on education policy on a news program. At that time, she introduced 7 sentences that her mother taught her thoroughly: “Good morning,” “Goodbye,” “Thank you,” “I’m sorry,” “Please. “I don’t know”, “I don’t know” – it is said that the mother hopes that she can become a child who can say these 7 sentences well.

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In addition, “to accompany the child’s ‘why?'” “to support the child’s interests thoroughly” is said to be an educational policy to adopt such an attitude. Aina Ashida’s intellectual and modest side is thanks to her mother’s education. “(News program director)

He was successfully admitted to a famous private middle school. Until now, it is said that the real start of learning is the summer of the sixth grade of elementary school. It’s amazing to get admitted to a super difficult school in a short period of study. Before that, Aina had also signed up for a local cram school, but because she was busy with drama and other work, she could not study well.

“It is said that I pushed all the previous work and laid a solid foundation in the summer camp of the cram school. At that time, I spent 12 hours a day studying. I was very focused. My mother often said, ‘Use time effectively’. Although she said that, but Few elementary school students can be so focused and work hard.”

After Aina Ashida expressed her interest in a “pathologist” in an interview, various media reported it. In the future, if you are promoted to the medical department, there will be a lot of internships, so I am worried about whether the focus will be on studies. However, love It seems that the firm to which Cai belongs will respect Ashida’s decision.”

Although we expect that Aica can “take care”, in fact, it may be a little difficult, just like Suzuki Hikaru who completely cut off the entertainment industry.

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The whole generation will pay attention to the future of Aicai.

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