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AKB48 Team SH 2nd Vitality Carnival ends, the Diamond Girl and the first generation boxing champion were born on the same day-China Entertainment Network

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  China Entertainment News www.yule.com.cn On November 20th and 21st, the second “AKB48 Team SH” AKB48 Team SH Vitality Carnival came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai Jing’an Sports Center. A total of 37 members of the whole group participated in the carnival event. Liu Nian was ranked C in the EP theme song “Loud Diamond”, and Chen Jiayi won the first generation boxing champion.

Carnival Lord Poster

On the basis of the successful holding of the first carnival last year, this year’s AKB48 Team SH’s second vitality carnival has achieved all-round upgrades, expanding into the “third anniversary concert” with a 3-hour long visual feast on the first day, and the second day The 48G classic event “Guess the Boxing Conference”, which was launched for the first time in China, was performed on two days, coupled with the modern and gorgeous dance creation, with a brand-new core and form, presenting the “full-strength stage” for the majority of fans, showing the members’ long-term unremitting efforts. Efforts and more skillful expressiveness also convey the team concept and positive spirit of “effort, humility, gratitude, and continuous struggle for dreams! Full of vitality and never give up”.

  The collection of playlists is broadcast, and it shines and lives up to hard work

On the first day of the third anniversary concert, AKB48 Team SH performed 30 48G popular songs, kicked off by the conviction-like “TSH Sanshang”, leading fans into the AKB48 universe, and even more sincerely, they offered “Zipper” one after another. “, “Uniform Resistance”, and “Hopeless Tears” three new unit songs, let online and offline audiences shout “God Song List! Social Fans New Year”; “No Way Man” and “We Don’t Fight” also Reappearing the stage, bringing fans back to the time when they started; the familiar Unit song was broken and reorganized, and the song was given new energy with a refreshing combination. Shi Keyan’s “Magic Night Butterfly Shadow” is full of tension, and Zhu Ling, Wu Anqi, and Wei Xin’s “Xin Qiling” version of “Tsundere” is also radiant. The encore session was a big gift, and the hit song “It’s So Good!” by the sister group BNK48. “Finally, in the “Aircraft Tail Clouds” on and off the stage, while pushing the towel and waving, the first day’s performance was brought to an unfinished end.

<< Visit to TSH >> Stage

“Uniform resistance” stage

“Heart-shaped Virus” stage

“Phantom Night Butterfly Shadow” stage

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“Aircraft Tail Clouds” stage

On the second day of the guessing contest, 10 wonderful singing and dancing stages were also presented, starting with the group’s first original national style song “A Thousand Autumn Orders”, and the quality golden song “Darkness” took over to boost the atmosphere of the scene. Captain Mao Weijia brought The stage debut of the brand new single “Calling”, the first popular champion Zeng Yingchun performed his first single “Since I still like you”. The new single “UZA”, which has never been released before, debuted on the finale, and the cool dance step struck, sparking fans to play Call. The lead Wu Anqi and Wei Xin are also the first time to take the C position.

“UZA” stage

Two consecutive days of enthusiasm stage, 5 newly revealed new songs, 40 elaborate stages, and 180 sets of new costumes for the first time. AKB48 Team SH members used youthful performances to give back to the fans’ love, and rushed firmly and shiningly. Own stage dream.

  Luck is also strength

The guessing contest is a symbolic event of AKB48. It competes for the position of C/W song in the form of group guessing. AKB48 Team SH held this 48G classic event for the first time this year. The famous host Luo Yi helped out, acted as the host and chief referee of the guessing contest, and witnessed the birth of the first TSH boxing champion with online and offline audiences, as well as the C/W song “The Opportunity” Sequence” 16-man lineup.

Guessing contest poster

Guess the match lineup

On the same day, the members cast off their uniform AKB plaid skirts and changed into individual dresses. They had choices that were meaningful to individuals and fans. For example, Liu Nian appeared in the red plaid skirt in the deeply linked “Creation Camp 101”, and Zeng Chenchun chose AKB48’s chief costume designer, Supervised by Shinobu Chino, has produced a singing costume; there are also members who have role-played into cartoon images, virtual characters, costumes, costumes, and doll costumes. The brains are open to the universe: Zhou Nianqi’s red menswear is very handsome. Zhu Jingchen dressed in a bear costume and showed off his skills with an somersault, and the JK skirt Ultraman gradually “won the hemp” in the audience. In addition, the witty and dimensional introductions of players before the start of the race were all made by the members themselves. Various weird names such as “The Peak of Female Charm”, “Peerless Beauty”, “Lifestyle Angel”, and “The First Beautiful Man in Ancient Costume” reveal the interesting souls of the girls of AKB48 Team SH under their beautiful appearance. The bold breakthrough of the members made the audience catch their eyes, and also brought everyone hilarious laughter and deep warmth on this slightly cold winter night.

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Group photo of the guessing contest

The official competitions are even more unexpected and exciting: there are wins and losses in seconds, and there are tacit and multi-round draws. It is difficult to compare. Fans on the scene and online follow the heart, and the live broadcast screen “passes.” “Breathe” barrage swipes the screen. Compared to the semi-finals, it was even more shocking to see the “fighting” situation of the first-term students and the fourth-term students in the same period. The scene was tense. Dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and joined the group for less than half a year, Chen Jiayi, a fourth-term student, passed smoothly all the way to the final round silently, and finally won the title of the first boxing champion with scissors and cloth. Regarding the title of boxing champion, Chen Jiayi shouted out of surprise, saying frankly, “I follow the moment I close my eyes, and whatever comes up in my mind, my intuition is still very useful.” On how to present the excellent “Sequence of Opportunity” stage, the host teacher Luo Yi gave encouragement: “Winning the champion is only the starting point, and the effort has just begun.”

In the final of the guessing contest, Chen Jiayi won the champion

Regardless of qualifications and abilities, with the courage, luck, and judgment on the spot, the game that night played the C-place game with a new dimension, perfectly interpreting the famous saying of AKB48 founder Yasushi Akimoto: luck is also a kind of strength. This is exactly the charm of the AKB48 universe.

  Go all out on the stage, the future shines infinitely

On the evening of the 21st, in addition to the release of the first boxing champion, the 16 selected members of the latest single “Loud Diamond” were also revealed on the spot. Liu Nian won the C place. The 16 selected members will represent AKB48 Team SH to put this song as the most representative one. Pass 48G works to more people. Regarding serving as the C position of “Loud Diamonds”, Liu Nian reviewed his history of bonding with the AKB48 Group, and felt: “AKB has always been like a shining halo over us, but I want to become AKB even more. It is not always protected by AKB, but I hope that one day I can be strong enough to protect it. If AKB has brought you even one second of touch, I have the confidence and my teammates to turn the touch into 10,000 seconds, 100 million Seconds, more seconds!” Looking forward to the release of “Loud Diamonds” in March next year, the world will see the infinite brilliance and possibilities of AKB48 Team SH members. In addition, the promotion announcement was carried out at the event site. After more than a year of training and hard work, 4 trainees were promoted to full membership.

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“Loud Diamond” C-bit Liu Nian

“Loud Diamond” 16-member selection lineup

In addition to the numerous performances, AKB48 Team SH also announced a number of major strategic cooperation in the field of brand business and media. In the year since they joined hands with pomelo plus, the members have been recognized by the brand with a positive image and will continue to serve as spokespersons for their products in the new year. In addition, AKB48 Team SH will also serve as the official spokesperson for the newly launched “Gaishicha” tea beverage, and will start in-depth cooperation with Himalaya FM in the field of sound.

Looking back on the past year, AKB48 Team SH launched its first thank you tour after the first idol carnival. It has traveled to Ningbo, Handan, Zhuhai, and also held handshake meetings in Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ma’anshan and other places to achieve “face to face”. The promise of “Idol” is the launch of the second set of performance “Dating Prohibition Regulations” to give back to the fans with a gorgeous stage. With 4 tours, 18 handshake meetings, and nearly 60 performances, dreams and sweat shine in every dance step; the youthful time is engraved in the hearts of every member and fan. On the third anniversary of the establishment of AKB48 Team SH, the members used a number of dedicated audiovisual feasts to agree with fans and audiences to stay together and grow together in the new year, and to witness more star miracles in the future.


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