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Alberto Fernández displays international agenda in full internal of the Frente de Todos

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President Alberto Fernandez takes refuge in the international agenda in full internal dynamics of the Front of All to diagram the pro-government electoral assembly. Relegated from the definition, he fulfills the tasks that best suit him in the last stage of his management.

During the morning, the head of state shared breakfast with the recently elected president Santiago Pena, in Paraguay, in the Quinta de Olivos, to make the formal presentations between both nations, and in the afternoon, he will travel to Brasilia, with the intention of «re-launch Unasur».

On Thursday, the president is expected to visit the city of YacuibaBolivia, to inaugurate, along with his peer Luis Arcean electrical connection work with said country.

accompanied by the chancellor santiago cafieroaway from the president in the last days and concentrating on his tasks at the San Martín Palace, Alberto Fernández received Santiago Pena Palacios and his delegation at the presidential residence.

According to reports from the Presidency Communication area, the president expressed “the interest in continuing to work on the integration between the two countries,” and confirmed his participation in the ceremony of transmission of command in Paraguay, which will take place next August 15th in Asuncion.

During the meeting that lasted for two hours, they also agreed on the objective of “strengthening democracies and contributing to the construction of a zone of peace and unity”, and highlighted the development of MERCOSUR and the relaunch of UNASUR.

In addition to participating in the meeting, the Vice President of Paraguay, Hercules Peter Alliana Rodriguez; the diplomat and economist Ruben Dario Ramirez Lezcano and the former Minister of Finance, Read Gimenez.

The recent president thus accumulated his second visit abroad, the first in Brazil, after having prevailed in the presidential elections of the neighboring country, on April 30, with him with just over 42% of the votes.

At 7:00 p.m., the President plans to leave for the city of Brasilia to be part of the meeting that will be led by his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvatogether with heads of state of South American countries with the purpose of «re-launch Unasur».

According to the Argentine News Agencythe summit that will take place in the Itamaraty Palace It will be an open agenda, and then, a dinner will be held at the Palacio de la Alvorada in honor of the participants.

The main objective of the meeting will be to resume the high-level dialogue on South America and identify the “common denominators” with the intention of promoting South American integration and cooperation.

On Thursday, one week after the definitions presented by the vice president Cristina Kirchner in Plaza de Mayo, the President is expected to face the final leg of his international agenda, which includes a visit to Luis Arcein the city of YacuibaBolivia with the aim of inaugurating an electrical connection work with that country.

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