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Alert for a new type of scam to steal data in Cipolletti

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Alert for a new type of scam to steal data in Cipolletti

This Friday a new form that they began to use was disseminated on social networks to try to steal data through the phone in Cipolletti. A month ago a type of scam related to Health had already been known.

As detailed by a relative of the victim, they were contacted by phone introducing themselves as Ministry of Health personnel.

«I was with a friend from the university, They called her by line not by WhatsApp, supposedly from the Ministry of Health, “he described. And he added that during his presentation, They named him a professional license plate so they don’t suspect.

He described that the call was related to a health passport: “they told him that they were going to start requesting from the Ministry a health passport for recreational and private activities«.

In order to process it, they explained to him that «They were going to send you a link to a tutorial on WhatsApp to know how to do it for free, safe and fast”, he commented.

“We did not pay much attention to it, after a few minutes he opened the link and his cell phone went off, when he turned it on, they had emptied the money from Homebanking and I could not enter their social networks, “he lamented.

In addition, he warned that “all his contacts had been sent the same link, five minutes later they called me and other acquaintances«.

What is the other type of scam that they have used in Cipolletti

As explained by Andrea, the possible victim, They communicated for her through the WhatsApp application.

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He explained that they called it “supposedly from Public Health“, to let you know that the fifth vaccine against Covid-19 had not been placed.

The argument they used was that they wanted to give him a turn. “I told them that I was going to go on my own because I did not know when I had free time to go, he rushed me a bit and asked me when I could go,” she described.

After telling him what day he was availablee, the modality they wanted to use to steal data was for me to send them a code that they were going to pass on to it. «He tells me: I send you a code and you then tell me. I almost gave it to him, but my son stopped me, and I didn’t give him the whole number,” he commented.

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