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Alison Goldfrapp – The Love Invention

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Alison Goldfrapp – The Love Invention

by Oliver on November 30, 2023 in Album

Is The Love Invention now synth or electro pop, house, nu or italo disco? No matter, the main thing is that it can be danced with nonchalant understatement, colorful class and a lot of sense of style, says Alison Goldfrapp.

At the age of 57, the Englishwoman recorded her first album under her full name: the pandemic forced work on solo material as well as the postponement Felt Mountainanniversary (and apparently, unfortunately, a breakup with Will Gregory).
Which now results in a record that could hardly be more casual. The Love Invention is unobtrusively hip in a completely pleasant way, weightless in an optimistic way and effortlessly positive in the best sense of the word, like a soft timelessness from the 80s – mercilessly pouring out its strengths in the summer on the verge of a subtle serotonin boost, but otherwise at the latest The second round also uses the unspectacular nature of the melodies and hooks to serve the cause.

The all-round great (in the best sense: high-gloss) production contrasts somewhat with the cheesy run-of-the-mill lyrics, but Allison Goldfrapp’s voice works on an emotional level thanks to the dedicated performance as a captivating character element, regardless of whether it’s danceable or not ethereally completely absorbed in the atmosphere (as in the trance that works in any environment So Hard So Hot).
That the material shows a really strong qualitative consistency with vague variability (and the highly recommended bonus songs of the digital version are absolutely convincing!), and Alison Goldfrapp is almost on a par with Jessie Ware, Robyn, Róisín Murphy and others on a solo path Co. represents, but cannot completely compensate for that The Love Invention One or two really outstanding highlights would have been good to land the actual effective hit.

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