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Alluvial – Death is But a Door

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Alluvial – Death is But a Door

by Oliver on February 14, 2024 in EP

After the restart (marked by the entry of ex-Suffocation frontman Kevin Muller and the departure of guitarist Keith Merrow) based on their second album Sarcoma consolidate Alluvial their base – and penetrate Death is But a Door also into polarizing new territory.

As long as the band from Portland sticks to their guns – i.e. a progressively structured borderline of metal and deathcore that leans towards djent – they practically don’t do anything wrong and give a lot of shit: Book Dweller blasts his chuggy riff to rock-hard rhythms, growls to sprinting guitar figures and extremely precise blast beat or beatdown attacks, barks and bitingly lets a solo spin freely until the memories of about Red Chord have hands and feet. In Fog belt the strings scream as a screaming horror motif like a modern homage Pantera – which can get on your nerves in an overstimulating way due to its frequent repetition – and adapt the groove of with a doomy heaviness Lamb of Godwithout really moving in similar territory. Area Code Afterwards, you get an atmospheric industrial intro, but above all you work on continuing the previous path Death is But a Door simpler to channel even more directly. The pit is pulsating!
As soon as the title song lives out its ambitions for more melody and an anthemic atmosphere, with clean vocals the pathos in an almost kitschy way beyond the limits of, for example Misery Signals until a solo that somehow wonderfully uninhibitedly shits on the band’s reputation turns into a corner Alluvial a stylistic outing that is at least ambivalent: without really gaining any independence or originality, the EP plays past the group’s actual strengths in a way that is too ingratiating. Nevertheless, the result does not amount to an actual oath of disclosure – which is why Death is But a Door with the force of the quartet’s general genre competence as a whole can still be appreciated.

Death Is But A Door von Alluvial

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