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Alpine, will be in Dieppe the production of its future GT crossover

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ROME – Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault group, and Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, announced the production of the future GT Alpine electric crossover at the Dieppe plant, a symbol of “Made in France” and transalpine innovation. The very first GT Alpine crossover will therefore be produced in the historic Dieppe plant, a true unicum within the Group. According to the house, the new model will combine all the know-how of the brand acquired in the world of racing and the experience of the Group in the field of electric vehicles, without forgetting the excellence of the Alpine brand in terms of sports cars. Unveiled in early 2021, Alpine’s strategic plan calls for the development and launch of three new electric and sports models (a compact, a crossover and the vehicle that will replace the A110) by 2026. this all-electric GT crossover will require investments in the Dieppe site, to include the latest CMF-Ev platform, and the new systems needed to produce a vehicle with new contents and equipment for its segment.

Among other things, the Alpine crossover will represent the first 100% electric vehicle to be built in Normandy. “In the last twelve months, Alpine has shown to trigger a new dynamic and has been able to respect the commitments undertaken – underlined Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault group – All this translates today in Dieppe into the announcement of the production of the future GT crossover. Alpine, thus offering a clear future and solid prospects for this historic industrial site. Alpine’s ambition aims higher and higher, where only those who are truly passionate and driven by the pursuit of perfection can aspire to be present. It is this level of excellence that must now be Alpine’s oxygen ”. In honor of the founder, who created the brand in 1955, and to embody all the know-how that characterizes his business, the industrial site of Dieppe (inaugurated in 1969) today takes the name of “Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé”. (Maurilio Rigo)

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