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American comedian Betty White dies at the age of 99

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Pictured: American comedian Betty White passed away on Friday. Associated Press

[Ta Kung Pao News]Combined “Daily Mail” and “Russia Today” reports: On December 31, local time, the well-known American comedian Betty White passed away at his apartment in Los Angeles at the age of 99. Betty White became popular for her role in the play “Golden Girl” and won 8 Emmy Awards in her acting career for more than 80 years.

Agent Witjas confirmed on Friday that Betty White passed away in her sleep at home and that she had no sudden illness or chronic illness, nor was she diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. Betty White will celebrate her 100th birthday on January 17. Many Hollywood and politicians expressed their condolences. US President Biden told reporters, “It’s a pity, she is a very lovely lady.” The first lady Jill also said, “Who doesn’t love her? We treat her. I feel very sad to die.”

Betty White made her first appearance on a TV show in 1939. He is the comedian with the longest career in a TV show and has won 8 Emmy Awards in total. She is well-known as the heroine of the situational comedy “Life With Elizabeth” in 1952, and she also appeared in “Golden Girl” and other comedy series. Even as she gets older, Betty White still has a successful star. She appeared in the TV drama “Hot in Cleveland” (Hot in Cleveland) at the age of 92, which was well received.


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