Home Entertainment American supermodel Jason Morgan has been banned and has moved to Brazil! |United States|Brazil|Rio de Janeiro_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

American supermodel Jason Morgan has been banned and has moved to Brazil! |United States|Brazil|Rio de Janeiro_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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American supermodel Jason Morgan has been banned and has moved to Brazil! |United States|Brazil|Rio de Janeiro_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original title: American supermodel Jason Morgan has been banned and has moved to Brazil!

Since the global outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the top American fashion male model Jason Morgan (Jason Morgan) has given up his job in the modeling industry because he believes that everything around him is changing, and he can no longer ignore these changes. .

Jason Morgan used to be one of the most famous male models in the world, with an annual income of about one million dollars. In fact, with his appearance, he can swallow his voice, hide his conscience, and continue to make money, but he thinks that he can’t just live .

Now, he has switched from a male model to a current affairs commentator, mainly commenting on the daily current affairs that occur in the United States, and in the past two years, almost nothing good has happened in the United States every day, so he is paying attention to all kinds of people being killed. , all kinds of beauty no longer exist, all kinds of tragedies in the world, he has witnessed more and more poor people and homeless people in his city, witnessed more and more people living less than before, witnessed Things are getting more and more expensive, and people’s lives and time are becoming less and less valuable.

But he’s not employed by anyone, he’s not serving anyone, he’s just posting his views online as an American citizen, bashing feelings he can’t tolerate, and he really doesn’t know why America is what it is It looks like a stinky pit.

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He also said that he is actually a “patriotic person”. He hoped that the United States would return to the state it was in 2015. Unfortunately, it backfired. He watched his hometown is getting worse day by day and felt very chilled.

Recently, due to the coming of the mid-term elections, his account was permanently banned by Instagram for publishing the bad abuses of the United States all the year round. His account has 200,000 fans and is now liquidated at one time.

Although he had long expected that he would be banned, because Instagram’s censorship system is actually political, and he himself had long thought that he would be banned, but when this happened, he was still very chilled, because he originally He still held out a little hope that the United States could get better, but now he is completely disappointed.

On the day he was banned, he bought a plane ticket to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and then decided to leave his hometown.

As soon as he arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he regretted that he didn’t come earlier. He said that he had never felt more comfortable in Brazil.

He said he was really happy to be in Rio de Janeiro, he felt very safe, he thought Rio de Janeiro was better than Philadelphia and New York, because he had never seen homeless people and drug addicts on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the whole street was very It was clean and made him feel very comfortable.

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It is said that when he first got off the plane, Jason Morgan felt that the air in Brazil was very sweet, the weather was really good, the streets were clean, and the people in Brazil did not have all kinds of criticism, they were very friendly, he saw it every day Lots of kindness and smiles, and I feel very happy.

According to reports, Jason Morgan’s girlfriend is Brazilian. He has planned to marry and have children in Brazil with his girlfriend, and then obtain Brazilian status, and then live in Brazil permanently and enjoy life in retirement.

As for the mid-term elections just now, Jason Morgan said that he never felt that voting had any meaning, because whether it was left or right, there was no point. He believed that in the United States anyway, you can only be a slave forever, because the United States is rotten, and he I don’t want to be involved in this stuff at all.

According to reports, Jason Morgan regretted being born in the United States in this life, and he hoped to be a Brazilian in the next life, born in Rio de Janeiro.

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