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Andy Lau’s Box Office Failures in Mainland China: A Closer Look

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Andy Lau’s Box Office Failures in Mainland China: A Closer Look

Andy Lau’s latest films flop at the box office in mainland China

In a surprising turn of events, two new films starring Hong Kong star Andy Lau have failed to impress audiences in mainland China. “Mr. Red Carpet” and “Race”, both featuring Lau, experienced dismal box office numbers in their opening days.

“Mr. Red Carpet”, which was initially withdrawn from the New Year’s Eve release schedule, had a disappointing re-release on March 15 with a box office of only 2.45 million on the first day. The numbers dropped even further to 2 million the following day. The film’s production cost exceeded 260 million, making it a risky venture that may result in losses of over 230 million.

Similarly, “Race” starring Lau had a pre-sale box office of only 43,000 and made less than 300,000 on its opening day. Industry estimates suggest that the film may not even reach a box office of one million yuan.

Despite being a highly praised superstar, Lau’s recent box office failures have left many questioning his future in the industry. With over 70 million fans on the Chinese short video platform Douyin, some believe that Lau’s star power should have translated into higher box office numbers. However, with the recent setbacks, some are speculating about Lau’s potential retirement in the near future.

As the most popular Hong Kong star in mainland China, Lau’s recent films have left audiences and industry insiders surprised by their lackluster performance. Only time will tell if Lau can bounce back from this setback and regain his status as a box office hitmaker in mainland China.

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