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“Andy Warhol Super Pop”: the genius of the visionary artist on display at Palazzo Barolo from 20 November

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TURIN. “Andy Warhol Super Pop”: this is the exhibition that brings the genius of Pop Art, investigated at the height of his career, to Turin from 20 November at Palazzo Barolo. It will be a journey into American culture from the early 1950s and 1960s to the 1970s in New York. The exhibition itinerary offers an overview of the concepts and key moments of Pop Art, investigating in a chronological way the main phases of the artist’s life and career through his works of art and photographs from the Fred W. McDarrah-Muus Collection archive . McDarrah has immortalized Warhol for over 30 years, revealing his more private and human side on the one hand and his various artistic practices on the other.
The works on display
We will see an Andy Warhol surrounded by Brillo’s boxes during the inauguration of one of his solo shows, or while he is shooting one of his experimental films, or, many years later, intent on chatting on the phone. And then the Warhol communicator, histrionic, frequenter in the best trendy clubs of the times, landlord of the “Factory”, creator not only of art, but also of characters such as Velvet Underground, and friend of artists such as Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Truman Capote and Mick Jagger. On display, alongside the famous icons created by Andy Warhol, including the serigraphs of Marilyn, Mao and the famous Campbell’s Soup, the unpublished works of the avant-garde series ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ of 1974.
The exhibition is produced by Next Exhibition with the Fred W McDarrah / Muus Collection Archive.

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