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Angela Baby was removed from her name, William Chan was not her first love, but someone else._Netizen_Huang Xiaoming_Sejong

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Angela Baby was removed from her name, William Chan was not her first love, but someone else._Netizen_Huang Xiaoming_Sejong

Original title: Angela Baby was removed, William Chan is not her first love, first love is someone else

Angela baby was removed, what happened? As soon as this information came out, it immediately aroused heated discussions among netizens.

To mention her, I have to mention the names of several people, namely Chen Weiting, Huang Xiaoming, Wei Shizong.

Netizens asked, Huang Xiaoming is her ex-husband, William Chan is her first love, who is Wei Shizong?

Angela baby is now a famous actress in the entertainment industry. Although her acting skills have been criticized by netizens, her variety shows have been recognized by many netizens.

In the eyes of the audience, her face and figure are remarkable in the entertainment industry. When recording variety shows, her beauty also attracted Bailu deeply.

In the entertainment industry, William Chan is not only handsome, but also very attractive. It is very suitable to be with her with a high value, but for some unknown reasons, in the end, they chose to break up.

All netizens know about his relationship, so they all think that William Chan is her first love.

In fact, when the baby was in school, he fell in love with Wei Shizong, and the two had been in love for a while.

The man’s family conditions are very good, and he is also a child of a wealthy family. Their romance lasted less than a year before it came to an end.

After divorcing Huang Xiaoming, she is still single, but she never thought that she was involved in a major event recently.

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Some netizens discovered that the platform for the investment promotion conference was preparing for a magical operation, and suddenly she was removed from the list.

Netizens have said, could it be that if something happened to her, how could she be removed from her name?

The first film to be pulled from the list was “Just Because Twilight Is Hard to Find,” with Allen.

Careful netizens found that not only her name could not be found in the list of this drama, but also the name of Jailun, who was re-elected.

Some netizens said that the reason why this drama is very controversial is because of its positioning.

Afterwards, netizens checked her other film and television dramas and found that “Fate of the Dust”, “Falling Shadows” and “Desire for Life” have all delisted her.

The new drama “The Way Love Should Be” is on the air. Netizens can’t see her name in the drama, only the name of the male protagonist Lai Kuanlin.

At this point, netizens began to look for the reason for the removal.

Some netizens gave this reason. Three of these five TV series were not broadcast on the Goose Factory platform. It should be the contradiction of the platform that has provoked the baby.

Later, some netizens said that the reason for being delisted was because the two platforms caused huge controversy over her new drama “The Way Love Should Be”. The Goose Factory only engaged in such operations, and now its authority has been restored.

Even so, many netizens gave their views. After so many years of debut, Baobao has few works that the audience likes; now, she has become a variety show, which is why she is complained by netizens.

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Some netizens also believe that the reason for her delisting mentioned above cannot be the real reason for her delisting. One thing is that she does influence investment.

Since his debut, there have been many film and television works, so he is not suitable to be an actor, but only suitable for variety shows.

Now, she has been removed from many TV dramas, which really leaves fans speechless. Why was she removed? There is no confirmed news yet, we can only wait for the official announcement.

Well, here comes the question. What do you think was the reason for the removal? Welcome to discuss in the comment area.

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