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Announced the cancellation of the default random play of albums, Spotify is just a player? _The company

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Original title: Announced the cancellation of the default random play of albums, Spotify is just a player?

Recently, Spotify has cancelled the default random play of the album at the request of singer Adele. It is reported that when viewing an album on Spotify, users will see a small shuffle icon next to the larger play button, which indicates that Spotify will start playing the album’s songs in random order.

Adele posted a tweet saying: “This is my only requirement in a constantly changing industry. We will not arrange the album song list in such a way for no reason. Our art tells a story. This story should follow Our intentions are heard.”

Although the shuffle button no longer appears on the album page, the option is still visible when the user clicks to view the album’s tracks. Spotify did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Now, when the user clicks “Play” in the album, the songs will be played in order, and the user can manually switch to random play afterwards.

As mainstream culture shifts to streaming as the most common way to obtain music, Spotify has become the most important service in the world. The company reported in October that its total monthly audience climbed 19% in the third quarter to 381 million.

Wisdom Bud experts said that as of the latest, Spotify and its affiliates have a total of 909 patent applications in 126 countries/regions, and the above-mentioned patents are basically invention patents. It is worth noting that Spotify has 270 patents related to media content.

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From the perspective of patent trends, the company’s patent applications are roughly divided into two stages. The first stage is 2012 and before. The number of patent technology applications in this stage is not high, but the number of authorized patent applications is relatively high. Since 2013, the company’s patent applications have increased, but the proportion of patent authorizations is not very stable, basically between 40% and 70%.

Wisdom Buds experts also said that based on the above-mentioned patents, the company’s current technology is still focused on media content, electronic devices, media content items, storage, processors, playlists, media playback, computers and other technical fields.Return to Sohu to see more


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