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Another masterpiece of Octoberday Culture Media “Guan Suoling” appeared in Zhang Danfeng’s performance as a passionate hero, and Hong Xin confessed on the spot_TOM Entertainment

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Another masterpiece of Octoberday Culture Media “Guan Suoling” appeared in Zhang Danfeng’s performance as a passionate hero, and Hong Xin confessed on the spot_TOM Entertainment

December 31,The Ninth Silk RoadInternational Film FestivalHold a new film conference, famous actorsZhang Danfengbring new works“Guansuo Ridge”He attended the press conference together with the producer Yuan Xibo, the general director of the project Sun Mira, and the leading actor Mo Jingyu, and shared and promoted it to many industry peers and media reporters.

The movie “Guansuoling” debuted at the Ninth Silk Road International Film Festival

It is reported that “Guansuoling” tells a passionate story of defending the family and the country in the mountains and forests of Guizhou in the rear during the Anti-Japanese War. Ding Hu (played by Zhang Danfeng) and Shen Xiaofei (played by Zhang Aoyue) are descendants of the Ming army eight hundred years ago, and they fell in love with the tea-picking girl Jiner (played by Chen Duling) successively. Because Tunpu, which has lived for generations, is located in a traffic fortress, it became the target of the Japanese army. In the face of national righteousness, the two put aside their previous suspicions and wiped out a group of enemies carrying confidential mapping maps centered on Guansuoling. They used their own sacrifices to demonstrate the iron-blooded passion of the descendants of the Ming army.

Another masterpiece of Octoberday Cultural Media

Movie “Guansuo Ridge” poster

Yuan Xibo has produced “Sunshine Good Man” and “Close Kill”, etc., and has won the Huabiao Award and the “Five One” Engineering Award. For “Guansuoling”, he has a strong plot, saying that the film is worth 800 yuan. The descendants of the Ming army who entered Guizhou a few years ago are the protagonists, integrating traditional cultural elements such as local opera and ethnic groups,Hope to create an epic, national patriotic film.

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The film also brings together a strong production team. Sun Mira said that director Yu Weiguo once served as the producer of “Crazy Stone” and “No Man’s Land”. The director’s work “Say I Love You Again” has achieved good reputation and box office in the market; Co-director and editor Deng Liqi has won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Screenplay; photography director He Shan has been in charge of “Cracking Silence” and “Out of the Dust”; action director Chen Zhao is a senior filmmaker in Hong Kong, China, and is also the “Yuan Jiaban” (Yuan Heping) One of the main members, has directed films such as “The Matrix”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Tai Chi Zhang Sanfeng”.

Another masterpiece of Octoberday Cultural Media

Another masterpiece of Octoberday Cultural Media

Stills of the movie “Guansuo Ridge”

At the press conference, the trailer of the film was also exposed for the first time, and the temperament of the blockbuster film under the blessing of the luxurious team can be seen at a glance. The battle of weapons brought strong visual shock and impact to the audience. The emotional scenes between Zhang Danfeng, Zhang Aoyue, and Chen Duling are also full of tenderness and entanglement, writing about the love of children in troubled times,

Another masterpiece of Octoberday Cultural Media

The movie “Guan Suoling” starring Zhang Danfeng

Zhang Danfeng, who saw the official film for the first time, was very excited, and bluntly said that he “accomplished a mission”. In the play, Zhang Danfeng played Ding Hu, the first shooter in Tunbao, and his unique skill “curved arrow” was even more difficult to guard against. “What moved me the most was that before the national righteousness, when the country was in crisis, the simple people were willing to fight the Japanese invaders to the last moment. I believe that every audience will be excited after watching it.” Actor Mo Jingyu said that as the first film she participated in, “Guan Suoling” allowed me to experience the simple Tunpu culture in Guizhou, and I was deeply impressed by the bravery and fearlessness of the villagers during the war years.

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Another masterpiece of Octoberday Cultural Media

Hong Xin assisted “Guan Suoling” on the spot

It is worth mentioning that at the press conference, Hong Xin also made a surprise appearance to help the film, saying, “Today I mainly support my husband”, “I used to see him mostly in idol dramas, and every time he was very handsome and elegant. appearance, so I want to see a different, tougher image of him.” In addition, Hong Xin also revealed on the spot that he usually likes watching anti-Japanese war dramas. When he knew that Zhang Danfeng was going to shoot “Guan Suoling”, a tough and passionate drama that showed national righteousness, he was even more excited than himself. Seeing the film for the first time today, Hong Xin couldn’t hide his excitement. He said bluntly, “I’m so handsome again”, and spoke Cantonese “can’t wait” at the scene. I want to see the film in the theater as soon as possible, and I wish “Guan Suoling” box office. big sale.

Zhang Danfeng also sweetly responded to Hong Xin’s hard-working recommendation, saying that at the current stage, he needs to get in touch with more characters who have quality and can exude inner charm. Forward”.

Another masterpiece of Octoberday Cultural Media

Group photo of the main creators of the movie “Guansuoling”

“Guan Suoling” is produced by Octoberday Media Co., Ltd. Looking forward to seeing the movie on the big screen soon.

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