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ANSES: who collects unemployment insurance today, Monday, February 26

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ANSES: who collects unemployment insurance today, Monday, February 26

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) will make the payments corresponding to the February month for unemployment insurance holders. Today, Monday 26, is responsible for charging the holders of the DNI ending in 2 and 3.

“There are no pesos in the economy to buy dollars, but neither are there to buy cars, motorcycles, cement, or anything,”

Complete calendar for beneficiaries of the

They already charged:

DNI ending in 0 and 1: February 23

They charge today:

DNI ending in 2 and 3: February 26

They charge the following days:

DNI ending in 4 and 5: February 27 DNI ending in 6 and 7: February 28 DNI ending in 8 and 9: February 29

They warn that shelf prices will rise by 30% due to increases in energy for SMEs

How to process Unemployment Insurance

The documents you need to process this benefit are: DNI (original and copy) and ddocumentation proving unemployment (original and copy). Then, you must follow the following steps:

Paso 1: I gathered all the necessary personal and family documents. If there was a previous exchange of telegrams with your employer, you will have to complete an earlier process.

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Paso 2: Submit all documentation to ANSES

You can carry out this procedure:

1.Personally: requesting an appointment at ANSES and present the required documentation at the ANSES office.

2. Via internet: entering Virtual Care with your CUIL and Social Security Code and following the steps.

He cost of the procedure by either way is free.

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