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Anthony Wong Chau-sang’s first role as a waste guy praises the film’s director for his bravery | Daydream Youth | The Epoch Times

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Anthony Wong Chau-sang’s first role as a waste guy praises the film’s director for his bravery | Daydream Youth | The Epoch Times

Director Liu Guorui (second from left) of “Youth in the Day” led actors Huang Qiusheng (first from right), Lin Nuo (second from right), and Taibao (first from left) to appear at the Hong Kong premiere on March 27. (Provided by Caichang International Multimedia)

[The Epoch Times, March 31, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia) Hong Kong star Huang Qiusheng’s Golden Horse Emperor’s work “Day Day Youth” will be released in Taiwan on March 31. The film held its premiere in Hong Kong a few days ago due to its strong nomination for the Hong Kong Film Awards 4 awards. Huang Qiusheng, who has been banned by the CCP for a long time, said in an interview that the director of the film, Liu Guorui, was so brave that he dared to cast him.

The premiere of “Youth in the Day” was held in Hong Kong a few days ago. Director Liu Guorui led the new Golden Horse actor Huang Qiusheng, child star Lin Nuo, Pan Wenxing and Qiao Jiayun who played Lin Nuo’s parents in the film, and Tai Bao, who is also the best actor of the Academy Awards. The main creator appeared.

Huang Qiusheng praised Lin Nuo’s excellent acting skills at the scene, calling Lin Nuo “the Einstein of Hong Kong movies”, and said that he brought Lin Nuo to the stage when he won the Golden Horse Award last time. He was not brought on stage during the “Best New Actor”, and I hope that Lin Nuo will bring him on stage when he wins the Academy Award. And jokingly said to Lin Nuo: “If you don’t take me up, I will twist your ears.” Make the other party promise: “I will definitely take you on stage!”

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“Youth in the Day” is the first feature film directed by Malaysian director Liu Guorui. The film depicts the hidden corners of Hong Kong with special refugee themes, and describes the taxi driver Chen Bairi (played by Huang Qiusheng) who smuggled into Hong Kong in the 1970s and accidentally assisted Mo Qingchun (played by Lin Nuo), a Pakistani refugee boy who got involved in a gang and started smuggling. Two people of different races and no blood relationship intertwine a special friendship like father and son during this journey.

The film won the “Best Actor”, “Best Original Screenplay” and “Best New Director” awards at the 59th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards last year, and was shortlisted for “Best Feature Film” and “Best New Actor”. , “Best Photography”. In the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards to be awarded next month, the film was shortlisted for “Best Screenplay”, Liu Guorui was nominated for “New Director”, Huang Qiusheng and Lin Nuo were shortlisted for “Best Actor” and “Best New Director” respectively. actor”.

Huang Qiusheng has been blocked by the CCP for supporting the “Umbrella Movement” in Hong Kong. Over the years, he has not had the opportunity to appear in any “China-Hong Kong co-production film”. He can only appear in Hong Kong stage plays and some small movies occasionally. In 2019, he won the Hong Kong Film Awards best actor for the third time by defeating strong opponents with the Hong Kong film “Fallen Man” starring in zero pay.

At the premiere of “Youth in the Days” held in Hong Kong a few days ago, Huang Qiusheng said: “It is very rare for someone to ask me to make a movie, so brave! I keep asking the director, are you sure this movie can start shooting? If someone starts shooting, I will play.”

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Huang Qiusheng, who plays the old and fat in the film, said frankly: “After playing this role for a while, I feel that my physical condition seems to be getting worse, and I can’t walk smoothly. Sometimes when I sit by, I will think ‘what’s wrong with me? I look sad’.”

Regarding the role of a taxi driver who is alienated from his son, Huang Qiusheng said that he has played roles such as an old man and a father, but this is the first time he has played a “dispossible guy”. He commented on the role and his own interpretation of the role: “Savage, ignorant, or a kind of selfishness, neurological reflex, or animal instinct, but the role is not a bad person, but a person of flesh and blood; especially in today’s society, many That kind of person exists, but no matter what, the character will have my unique sense of humor.”

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