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Apartment in Portugal with European design and a Brazilian touch

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Apartment in Portugal with European design and a Brazilian touch

Photos: Gui Morelli/ Disclosure

This Open House is straight from Chiado, historic district of Lisbon, Portugal! In this project, Brazilian architect Andrea Chicharo had the chance to start the modifications even before the property was delivered, which was purchased by a Brazilian family while it was still in the plan. There were few changes in the social area, but transformed the apartment.

On the walls, which have taken on a strong shade of blue, two works stand out: a painting by Manoel Novello, taken from Brazil by the owner, and an 18th century tile panel bought in an antiques dealer in Lisbon.

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The room was expanded, giving more functionality for the daily lives of the residents, mother and daughter. Andrea removed the hall, which separated the living room from the kitchen, incorporating the space into the living room and creating a large walnut panel which hides the entrance to the kitchen, guest bathroom and a closet. Another change was to transform the bathroom into a full bathroom to serve the guest bedroom that is next to the living room.

As everything was defined during the work, when the apartment was delivered they only needed to resolve the decoration details. The option was for a contemporary decor which contrasts with the original arched doors and windows, from which there is a nice view to the Tagus River. As there is only one room, which is used for the TV and for receiving, the furniture was chosen to have multiple functions: armchairs for reading, for a conversation, comfortable sofa and side tables.

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Italian design furnitureas well as those in the dining room, which together with a shelf with fine lines for small objects bring a mix of materials which are the architect’s trademark. It has a buffet made of painted glass, mirror, marble, wood and sisal rug. Everything to bring that very Brazilian bossa to the apartment.

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