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Apink Chu Long was accused of maliciously exposing fake materials in the case of friends discrediting Chu Long | Park Chu Long | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times November 22, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled a report) Park Chu Rong, the captain of the popular Korean girl group Apink, used a legal agent to file a crime of damaging his reputation and forcing an attempt by a legal agent in April this year. Criminal proceedings. Today (22nd) Park Chulong’s legal representative stated that the prosecutors have been prosecuted by the prosecutors for damaging Chulong’s reputation.

On April 1 this year, Apink’s agency Play M Entertainment stated that Chu Long had received a threatening contact from his childhood friend Kim, who threatened to reveal to the media about his forged evil and private life, and asked Chu Long to quit. In the entertainment industry, Jin continued to engage in unreasonable acts such as exposing false content to the media, causing Chu Long to suffer great mental pain. For this reason, the company filed civil and criminal lawsuits against Jin for destroying Chu Long’s reputation and the crime of forced attempt.

In this regard, Park Churong’s legal agent stated today that A (Kim), who continued to spread false news to multiple media from early March 2021 and asked Chu Long to withdraw from the entertainment industry, admitted to spreading false information during the investigation. Content and was sued by the prosecutor.

The legal agent stated that even though A has been asked to stop these actions many times during the period, A has still not stopped disseminating untrue reports. After making a complaint to A on April 1, 2021, the police have gone through seven months. Confirmed the discussion of Chu Long, A and friends related to the incident, and learned the full picture of the incident after various investigations. In the end, the police judged that Jin had maliciously edited the recording record and published photos unrelated to the incident, and spread non-factuals. The content threatened Chu Long’s suspicion, so A was transferred for prosecution.

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In addition, the legal agent also talked about the inconsistency between Chu Long and A and his friends about the atrocities in high school. It is difficult to confirm whether the incident really exists, and the legal agent will try to make the truth. It is clear that I also hope that today’s statement will calm the mood of Chu Long and his fans, who have been in pain and condemnation because of this incident.

At the end of the statement, it is hoped that the media will not make false, exaggerated or speculative reports, and Chu Long’s legal agent will also take strict legal measures against rumors spread by online forums and social media.

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