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Appreciation|”Too Hot Quadrant” tour in Chengdu, singing for two consecutive days, Wang Yitai Ai Reappears the charm of rap_Concert_Song_Music

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Appreciation|”Too Hot Quadrant” tour in Chengdu, singing for two consecutive days, Wang Yitai Ai Reappears the charm of rap_Concert_Song_Music

Original Title: Appreciation|”Too Hot Quadrant” Tour Chengdu Consecutively Sing for Two Days

Cover news reporter Xu Yuyang

“Although we all know that time teaches people to be strong, please drive slow on the carriage of time, let my lover be brave and not be afraid of getting old…” After the broadcast of “China Rap Showdown”, this song was co-written by Ai Re and Wang Yitai The song “Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Old” became popular on the Internet. This song, which they jointly composed for their partner, has also become a must-have track for many wedding ceremonies because of its sincere and touching lyrics.

From March 18th to 19th, the rap group “Too Hot Quadrant” composed of Ai Re and Wang Yitai held a concert in Chengdu. After the pre-sale of the performance started, the concert tickets were “empty in seconds”. In the case of hard to get a ticket, the organizer announced that an additional concert will be held on March 19 on the basis of the original performance to satisfy the needs of all audiences. Ticketing needs.

concert scene

“Don’t be afraid of getting old” and “Thousands of Miles” classic songs reappear

In this concert, in addition to the “Survivor’s Guilt” playlist, “Thousands of Miles”, “Keep Your Eyes On” and “Pride” and other golden songs that have dominated the major charts for a long time have been reproduced as classics. From the spring limited concert of the golden partners in the rap industry-Ai Re and Wang Yitai, with pure sincerity and enthusiasm, common beliefs and ideals, presented a satisfactory answer to the fans.

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Ai Re, as the annual champion of “China New Rap 2018″ and a member of the Champion League of “China Rap Summit 2022″, is a well-known rap singer-songwriter; The voice of Wang Yitai among the members is also extremely high. In the program, the songs such as “Don’t be afraid of getting old” and “Blowing Right Now” performed by the two together, as well as the single songs such as “Thousands of Miles”, “Proud” and “Sorry”, all showed their strong singing skills and proficiency. The technique and the pattern of the music.

These songs have dominated the major charts for a long time after they were launched, especially “Don’t Be Afraid to Get Old” was positioned as a wedding-limited song by the audience, and together with “Sounds and Ways” they are called “one-stop service for weddings”. In 2023, Ai Re will appear on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the first time, integrating the form of rap into the national style, presenting a new stage of innovation and integration. On the stage of Chengdu station, the classic songs in the previous shows were presented again, which excited the fans.

concert scene

Interesting interaction between two people

The topic of frequent conversation is related to “universe”

Before the performance started, the “Too Hot Quadrant” group accepted media group interviews, and the interaction during the meeting was very interesting. Both of them have very high expectations for the new tour. In order to prepare for this tour, a lot of preparations have been made in the early stage. Compared with when the album was released, the concert will have a more coherent song arrangement, which will make the whole performance more exciting. Systematic. “We will take into account both musicality and popularity,” Aige said. “Of course, musicality is the most important thing for us, and popularity may be an instinct. The two of us are also good at making some music popular. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.”

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But when I came to Chengdu, due to too much food, I was “slightly insufficient” in body management. “It’s too late to manage the body. The main reason is that there are too many food in Chengdu. We really tried our best.”

No matter from getting along in private or performing on stage, the tacit understanding between the two can be said to be close. When asked what they like to talk about most other than music, both Wang Yitai and Ai Re said in unison, “Maybe there are more ‘brain-opening’ topics. For example, what we often talk about is about the universe. Where do we come from and where are we going. We already know each other very well about the aspects of daily life, so what we need to discuss is always something deep and authentic in the world, which is also very beneficial to our creation.”

After knowing that many of their songs are considered as wedding must-have songs, the two expressed their great honor, “”Don’t be afraid to grow old” is also one of my favorite songs, because it is indeed written by us in the most sincere state , we both love writing songs for our partners.”

concert scene

Tour and album are in planning

no rush to release an album

In the media group interview, Wang Yitai and Ai Re also answered the overall plan for this year. Fans are particularly concerned about the venue for the next performance of the “Too Hot Quadrant”. Ai Re revealed, “It is inconvenient to disclose the specific tour plan. But this time we came to Chengdu, the hometown of Ether, and I can look forward to my hometown next time. The city I most want to hold a concert at present is my hometown.”

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Regarding the music album plan, Wang Yitai said that this year there will be more opportunities to go abroad to exchange and study with musicians, and her personal music album will be released at the end of the year or early next year. The new album of “Too Hot Quadrant” will take more time to plan, “After all, we have to give fans something new.” Ai Ge said, “The song is still being written, and the music will never stop, but I don’t want to Hurry up to release an album.”Return to Sohu to see more


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