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April arrives with increases in electricity, bus and train rates

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April arrives with increases in electricity, bus and train rates

From this Saturday, April 1, new increases in public transport, domestic service and private schools.

Added to this is the policy of remove subsidy for electricity rates for users of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) and Fair Price agreements expire, as in the case of fuels.

With inflation that it is estimated for March closer to 7% that of 6% among consultants and economists, April will begin with the following increases:

electricity rates

Electricity rates will rise twice in the AMBA starting in April. On the one hand, the Ministry of Energy will advance with a new removal of subsidies and, in addition, an increase in the distribution value will be applied (the income of Edenor and Edesur are updated). Therefore, rates will rise around 35% from April consumption.

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The Government continues with the plan to remove subsidies on energy rates, so this month 72% of users will have an increase in electricity bills of $380 on average, according to the estimates of the Secretary of Energy. As officially planned, the rise will be:

  • Level 1 or high-income sectors: the average increase will be $410.
  • Level 2 or low-income sectors: the average increase will be $360.
  • Level 3 or middle income sectors: the average increase will be $360.

buses and trains

The ticket for buses and trains under national jurisdiction will rise 6.7% since April. This is the second application of a new monthly update formula that will apply until June and is adjusted based on the inflation index for Greater Buenos Aires published by INDEC.

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The Ministry of Transport takes the Consumer Price Index (CPI) corresponding to February as a reference to update the increases planned for April, so that the minimum bus ticket in the AMBA from the fourth month of the year will cost $39.58 and that of the train will oscillate between $19.22 and $24.88, depending on the line.

  • The minimum bus ticket in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (between 0 and 3 kilometers) will cost $39.58 in April.
  • Line Miter, Sarmiento, San Martín and Tren de la Costa: the minimum will cost $24.88.
  • Roca, Belgrano Sur, Urquiza and Belgrano Norte line: the minimum will cost $19.22.


In April the prepaid will also have an increase. The increase will be 2.36% for all affiliates equally because the Health Cost Index is less than 90% of the variation in formal wages (RIPTE), the indicator used to set the increase in the share of those who earn less, according to the Superintendence of Health Services .

private schools

The chambers of private institutions with state subsidy signed with the Minister of Economy the entry at Fair Prices with which the level of increase is previously agreed. For the month of April, it will be 3.35%.


In this case the agreement of the Fair Prices program ends that set a ceiling with the oil companies on the monthly increases for gasoline and diesel, and they would be in talks to renew it. In addition, the postponement of the fuel tax that the Government had been delaying expires so that it does not automatically impact prices.

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The values ​​that they were adjusting to 4% per month they were below inflation and the rate of devaluation. We will see if a new agreement is renegotiated or there are increases greater than those that have been occurring on the 15th of each month.

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family home employees

The National Commission for Work in Private Homes, which reports to the Ministry of Labor, announced a new scheme of non-cumulative increases for the coming months, which will imply increases of 14% in April, 7% in May and 6% in June.

Thus, starting next month, the remuneration for staff hour for general duties with withdrawal will be $698, while without withdrawal it will be $752. On the other hand, personal care staff will be worth $752 with withdrawal and $841 without withdrawal.


As of April 1, new rent increases will take effect for contracts that must be renewed this month/year. For a tenant who signed a contract in April 2022 for $50,000, will renew with a 92.5% year-on-year increase, so you will pay $96,250 for the same unit.


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