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ARPG new work “Sword Art Online Xenobend Assemble” is released in 2023 – yqqlm

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ARPG new work “Sword Art Online Xenobend Assemble” is released in 2023 – yqqlm

“Sword Art Online” game series ARPG new work “SAO Last Recollection” (“SAO Last Recollection”) will be released in 2023, supports Chinese, landing PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Steam platform, game pilot The announcement is made public. The theme song of this work is still sung by ReoNa, and the details of the theme song will be released later.

This work will use a different world line from the original animation of “Sword Art Online”, and develop the original “War of Underworld” chapter of the game with the largest-scale characters and small stories in the series.

Game Introduction

If there is “Kirito”, if there is “Eugeo”.

In this world “underworld” created to generate the supreme AI “alice”, the final moment is approaching. “Final Load Test” – that’s the beginning of the end.

The door separating the “Human World” and the “Dark Territory” has opened, and now is the time when the war is about to begin.

At this time, the dark knight with the young girl flew to Kirito from the other side of the door.

“What’s the difference between the end of the world and your own death?”

Is she the catastrophe that brings “the end” to the tragic fate that cannot be changed——

The story of life that no one knows begins.

The virtual world “underworld” where many artificial intelligences live is about to be surrounded by war.

“Final Load Experiment” – The limit state of “war” created in order to promote the evolution of AI, the beginning of the end of this world.

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If this goes on, between the “human world” and the “dark territory”, a war will begin that sweeps across the entire “underworld”.

How should grandpa Kirito and his companions resist the impending tragic fate——

“Sword Art Online: Alien Gathering” will launch the game’s original character “ドロシ”.

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