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ASBEST – Another single from the upcoming album

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ASBEST – Another single from the upcoming album

The band combines noiserock, postpunk and shoegaze in their sound and will release their second album “Cyanide” on May 19th, 2023 via Czar of Crickets Productions.

The Swiss band is releasing the single “Cyanide For Breakfast” today as a further prelude to the album “Cyanide”, which is pleasantly reminiscent of the revolutionary sound of bands like THE JESUS ​​LIZARD.
A few thoughts from ASBEST on the new single
“In CYANIDE FOR BREAKFAST we try to show the connection between the demands of a pathological society and mental health. In our perception, more and more people are dependent on swallowing a mixture of various psychotropic drugs in order to be able to survive their everyday lives. And while we’re fully supportive of those affected getting the help they need, we feel like it’s only addressing the symptoms and not the root cause. We do not intend to advocate suicide in any way. Rather, we believe that the fatalistic acceptance of the pernicious status quo is a form of surrender and thereby denying oneself a life worth living.”

In 2018, the noise rock band ASBEST presented their debut album Driven practically out of nowhere, which met with a very positive response internationally (Visions: 9/12, As if combining the rawness of Metz or Pissed Jeans with the experimental spirit of A Place To Bury Strangers connect and underline with shoegaze elements). The blog bprodukt wrote: Never before have cold post punk, passionate noise rock and hypnotic shoegaze been interwoven so naturally.

Associated with the LGBTQIA+ (persons discriminated against by the patriarchy on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity) movement, Asbest on the follow-up album Cyanide accuse current constraints: pressure to succeed, self-optimization, self-exploitation. And examine the question of whether a truly happy existence in a pathological reality of life is possible without negating oneself or the circumstances. Asked with Adorno: is there a right life in the wrong one?

ASBEST - Another single from the forthcoming album ASBEST - Another single from the forthcoming album

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