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At 85, Jane Fonda Confesses Discomfort with Aging Body

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At 85, Jane Fonda Confesses Discomfort with Aging Body

At 85 years old, Jane Fonda isn’t holding back when it comes to discussing love, relationships, and aging. During a recent appearance on the Absolutely Not podcast, the iconic actress revealed that she has no interest in pursuing new romantic relationships.

“I’m done, even in the dark I wouldn’t want to be naked in front of anyone,” Fonda candidly admitted. She also expressed her aversion to her aging skin, stating, “It should be someone 20 years old because I don’t like old skin.”

Despite this candid revelation, Fonda made it clear that she does not approve of relationships where an elderly person is involved with a young person. “I can look at them, and I can’t pretend that I don’t get turned on if I see a certain type of person, but no, no, no, I don’t want to impose it on anyone,” she said.

Fonda, who has been married three times, also shared insights into her personal life, including her practice of writing letters to her ex-partners to vent her feelings. “At first, I wanted to kill him. She was very angry. So what I did, and it’s what I did with the other two before him, is I wrote him the letter that I really wanted to write him, which I still have. Don’t send it! But you write it and that helps,” she revealed.

These days, Fonda finds comfort and enjoyment in spending time with her female friends, many of whom are younger than her. She also reflected on her feelings about aging, stating that she is in a good emotional place and feels centered and at peace with the course of her life and the proximity of death.
“I don’t have major traumas… and the younger ones, not so much. So that reinforces my idea that, if you know how to handle it, that age is great. If you are healthy,” Fonda declared confidently.

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In a surprising twist, Fonda even admitted to having planned her own funeral in detail, including guests, music, and other aspects, albeit with a touch of humor. Despite her openness about her feelings on aging and relationships, Fonda remains firm in her decision to remain alone for the rest of her life.

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