Home Entertainment At the end of the summer vacation, two exciting new films will land in theaters-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

At the end of the summer vacation, two exciting new films will land in theaters-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

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At the end of the summer break, this week, two exciting new films will land in theaters.

One is the sci-fi comedy “Out of Control Player” released today, starring Ryan Reynolds, who played “Deadpool”. Over the years, Ryan Reynolds’s “funny cute” has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, “Out of Control Player” is simply tailored for him-his role is an NPC (non-player character, background character) in an adventure video game. As a result, this NPC was unwilling to be a cannon fodder, and wanted to be a hero of justice, and joined hands with a female player to launch a Jedi counterattack.

In the past, the scripts used real people to “soul through” the game world, but “Out of Control Players” did the opposite, launching a counterattack from the perspective of an NPC, which is very creative. At the same time, compared with traditional action movies, “Out of Control Players” with the game world as the background has a lot less constraints. Not only hot and cold weapons are on the battlefield, but also extreme scenes of “violating gravity” are often staged…

If you are a game lover, the dense Easter eggs in this movie may make you cool from start to finish. Classic game scenes such as “Super Mario Bros.”, “Grand Theft Auto” and “Fortnite” will be staged in the movie in turn. The audience will also have the opportunity to capture acquaintances such as “American Team” Chris Evans, “Uncle Wolf” Hugh Jackman, “Big Rock” Dawn Johnson and other acquaintances.

The other movie is the full-hearted documentary “Dragon and Tiger Warrior”. The film is directed by Wei Junzi, who has studied Hong Kong movies for many years. It is said to be a documentary, but in fact it is more like a concentrated display of classic action scenes, with the bloody memories of Sammo Hung, Yuan Heping, Cheng Xiaodong, Yuan Hua, Yen Zidan and other action stars and famous martial arts instructors. , As well as the narrations of major directors such as Tsui Hark, Liu Weiqiang, and Wu Siyuan, basically restore the history of Hong Kong’s action film in the glorious period.

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The title “Dragon and Tiger Warrior” refers to the full-time martial artist in the Hong Kong film industry. The early married class, Hong family class, and Yuan family class concentrated a large number of “dragon and tiger warriors”. They acted as stand-ins, stunts, and performers in movies, and played the roles of thugs and slapsticks. Injuries and illnesses are almost commonplace. It is a youth meal, but also a fight for money, but there are always a few who are famous, and most people have struggled for a lifetime in obscurity.

Remember those action scenes that shocked you? These are the dragons and tigers fighting for their lives, don’t you want to see their behind-the-scenes stories?

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