Home Entertainment At the Erios theater in Vigliano the showbiz ends up in the spotlight amidst comedy, satire and reflections

At the Erios theater in Vigliano the showbiz ends up in the spotlight amidst comedy, satire and reflections

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The actors who participate in the ScenAperta workshop and those who are part of the Teatro Stabile di Biella, both directed by Renato Iannì, today at 9 pm will go up on the stage of the Erios theater in Vigliano to present «Crazy music in an Italy to laugh at». Pure comedy, pungent satire and moral reflection intertwine in this new work, which stages a critique of the world of entertainment itself and which was created in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Vigliano.

The protagonists of the plot are two discography managers engaged in the attempt to create a new bel canto star. The young talent ended up in their clutches will soon become their victim, taking on the contours of a speck. Even the whole world that surrounds the aspiring star becomes grotesque and ephemeral until it collapses around him, arousing thunderous laughter.

Overcoming all censorship and all hypocrisy, the scenic route unmasks, with the glossy patina of appearance, an increasingly dramatic and dangerous void, staging a power that becomes grotesque and the vices that are ridiculed, while the language itself is scrambled by the new and cynical vocabulary of everyday vulgarity.

“The comedy is biting and never banal – writes the director who is also the author of the show – even if banality dominates it, burned at the stake by a fiercely current satire, which reveals how the mania for success and personal pleasure have become the cornerstones of the new ethics. The references refer to the civil satire of Dario Fo, in which the comedian becomes a judge and condemns any arrogance to ridicule, in which the joke makes every presumptuous pride fall from the throne ».

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They will be on stage: Marina Antoniotti, Maurizio De Toffoli, Andrea Frassà, Linda Angeli, Stefano Polletta, Giuliano Giacoia, Agata Sarcì, Marta Spalla, Alessandra Nardelli, Isabella Persichella, Susanna Guerrini, Elisa Calabrò, Consuelo Baù, Elena Paganelli, Cinzia Novaretti and Susanna Acquadro.

To participate you need the Green pass. Ticket: 15 euros full, 10 euros for under 20s.

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