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“At the theater of wonders” four evenings to laugh in Villanova

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Four shows dedicated to comic art in all shades. It is the new theatrical season of the Casa del Pellegrino in Villanova. The “Al Teatro delle Meraviglie” billboard is directed by the artistic director Alessandro Marrapodi, with the patronage of the Municipality, led by the mayor Christian Giordano and the coordination of the Department of Culture of Francesca Arlotta. The shows will be hosted in the theater in via San Giovanni Bosco with leading artists in the national theater scene.

The first date will be Sunday 9 January with brilliant comedy «Cocktail per 3» by Santiago Moncada. On stage the actors Franco Oppini (formerly of the Cats of Vicolo Miracoli), Miriam Mesturino and Luca Negroni. A funny text where the three artists churn out jokes and hilarious situations for a show to laugh at. Cristina is a very successful actress with a troubled private life. The ex-husband is Gianni, 60, a womanizer and likeable, with whom he had a daughter. After the separation, the artist has been secretly dating the European parliamentarian Vittorio for four years. The secret lover and Gianni, by pure chance, meet one morning in Cristina’s apartment. Between the two rivals in love begins a series of skirmishes with an unexpected ending.

The second show on Sunday 13 February with «O’ Scarfalietto» (the underblanket) of the Masaniello theater company. Pure comedy for an over the top text of the company led by Alfonso Rinaldi, with about twenty actors, machinists and technicians to its credit, founded in Turin in 2000, born from the great passion for the Neapolitan theater of Eduardo De Filippo and Eduardo Scarpetta . Over time the artists have staged the funny comedies of the two great Neapolitan authors. In the play, written in 1881, the main character of Felice Sciosciammocca stands out, between fantasy and everyday reality.

On February 27, the brilliant comedy show is scheduled “Tell me about love”, interpreted by Nathalie Caldonazzo and Francesco Branchetti, also director. A text that investigates the human soul of the couple crisis in an introspective play. The protagonists of the story are a wealthy career executive with some secrets to hide and a wife who quit her job to devote herself to being a good family mother, now determined not to sacrifice her dreams anymore. The house becomes a ring between engaging jokes and squabbles between husband and wife.

“Al Teatro delle Meraviglie” will close the curtain with the brilliant show “The surprise”. On stage Miriam Mesturino, Alessandro Marrapodi, Giorgio Caprile and Clara Vigasio. A new comedy never staged in Italy, successful in Paris, with low blows, lies and sarcasm. The protagonist is a couple towards divorce, in situations that alternate laughter, nervous breakdowns and an elderly man’s attempted suicide in protest against indifferent society.

All shows start at 4pm. Tickets: € 14; subscription to four shows for 40 euros. Information and reservations: 0141 / 948.447 or 338 / 53.33.883. –

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