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ATE protested against the layoffs and closures of social assistance centers in Neuquén and Río Negro

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ATE protested against the layoffs and closures of social assistance centers in Neuquén and Río Negro

The State Workers Association (ATE) today carried out a series of protests at the Reference Centers (CDR) of the Ministry of Human Capital of the Nation, formerly known as the Ministry of Social Development. The mobilizations emerged as rresponse to announcement of closure and dismissal of 600 workers in different regions of the country. In the province of Río Negro, the demonstrations were concentrated in Roca and, starting at noon, they spread to Bariloche. There was also a concentration in Neuquén capital.

ATE protested the closure and layoffs in the CDR: they anticipated a strike for next week

Rodrigo Vicente, general secretary of ATE, criticized the Government’s version of the management of the funds managed by CDR workers, calling it a “colossal lie” designed to discredit them before carrying out the dismissals. He assured that many of these employees do not enjoy job stability and contribute financially to guarantee social assistance.

The protest was held on the corner of Avenida Roca and Tucumán. Photo Courtesy ATE.

For the union, The CDR are considered a federal and decentralized expression of the national organization in the province, they play a crucial role in the territoryproviding assistance to the vulnerable population through incentives for productive ventures and technical equipment for victims of violence.

Romeo Aguiar, coordinator of ATE in national organizations, He denounced the government’s decision as “cruel” and accused the authorities of abandoning millions of people across the country. Aguiar stated that the measure does not seek to save costs, but rather to disintegrate the social fabric.

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In solidarity with the affected workers and as part of their fight against economic policy and layoffs in the State, ATE announced that next week it will carry out a strike in all national organizations in the province. This call for force is aligned with similar actions taken at the national level by the union.

ATE Neuquén also held an assembly against the layoffs in CDR: “We are not the caste”

“We found out through the media that they decided to close,” said Marianela Noé, member of the psychosocial team and ATE delegate, in BLACK RIVER RADIO. Furthermore, he had questioned the reasons that led to the closure. «They say that they are militants, gnocchi, that they do not go to work and that these are places that are empty, it is a lie.he argued.

The member of the psychosocial team at the CDR of Neuquén said that they are 12 people and more from other organizations working together. “In addition, there are some colleagues in Zapala, San Martín de los Andes and Villa la Angostura.”

He assured that among the workers there are people who have been 20 years in public administration and that they are not militants.

This morning, in the company of other unions, they held an open assembly in front of the offices of the Neuquén Reference Center, located at Entre Ríos 410.

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