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Atp Finals, the effect of tourists: 10 million relapses in the city

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TURIN. The tourist who arrived in Turin to attend the ATP Finals on average spent a not particularly high amount to sleep, dedicated more budget to food and invested little in shopping and cultural visits. If in the estimates made before the event there was talk of an average of about 200 euros per day per visitor, with repercussions on the territory of at least 10 million, even an initial analysis on the actual expenditure seems to confirm the expectations, net of the costs of the tickets to access to matches.

The study was carried out by the Turin and Province Tourism Observatory and is an elaboration that returns a first timely estimate on the progress of the event. Tourists visiting Turin during the Nitto Atp Finals are aged between 36 and 50 (36%), with a medium-high level of education (85% of graduates / graduates), whose interests are mainly focused on sport and nature (21%), culture (43%) and food and wine (14%). 33% said they came to Turin for the first time, 37% said they have been there before and 13% often come and know the city. The main reason that pushed them to come is the event itself (60%) being mostly fans of the ATP circuit (49%). As regards the stay, the average stay is three nights or more (40%), followed by two nights (26%), despite the fact that a significant percentage of those who came during the day (19%) emerge, given that it is confirmed in the focus on provenance in which a prevalence of Piedmontese and Lombard is denoted in the first places. In fourth position we find those who stayed only one night (15%).

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On the one hand, the preferred accommodation facilities were hotels (43%) and the preferred solution in this case is the 3-star hotel (21%), but the choice of staying with friends or relatives is also highlighted (22%) and in apartments for tourist use (20%). The expenditure for the daily overnight stay per person is divided mainly between three bands: less than 10 euros (21%), from 31 to 50 euros (19%) and from 51 to 100 (27%), a figure that confirms the choice of more “low cost” type of accommodation. Chapter restaurants and bars: a day per person was spent between 31 and 50 euros (27%), while 22% said they spent between 51 and 150 euros, followed by the 21-30 euros range (20%).

For attractions and tourist services, Turismo Torino emphasizes that there is a percentage homogeneity in the range between less than 10 euros and up to 50 euros (between 18% and 24%). The percentage share is significantly reduced in the highest spending categories, above 50 euros. Shopping spending is mainly divided into two bands: under 10 euros (26%) and between 31-50 euros (21%). “In this area it would be worthwhile to study ad hoc actions, in order to shift the average values ​​to a more intermediate range”, explains the research, highlighting that among the interests of the interviewees the theme of shopping emerges at the top. As far as entertainment is concerned, the average expenditure was not particularly significant: as many as 31% spent less than 10 euros.

The last economic sector taken into consideration is local transport. It should be noted that the venue of the matches – the Pala Alpitour – was well connected to the city center by trams 4 and 10 as well as the Gattinoni shuttle from piazza Castello, free services for ticket holders. This element can therefore justify that 51% spent less than 10 euros. –

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