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ATREYU – Release Cathartic New Single “Drowning”

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ATREYU – Release Cathartic New Single “Drowning”

Modern rock/metallers ATREYU today release the single and video for ‘Watch Me Burn’ and announce new EP ‘The Hope Of A Spark’, out April 21st via Spinefarm.

The new single from ATREYU is the EP’s phoenix rising from life’s ordeal, a call to arms to raise new hope from the embers and ashes.

The 4-track EP embodies everything that defines, means and represents ATREYU. It marks the beginning of the next chapter in the band’s story, with various pieces of a vast puzzle still taking shape, form and focus.

Bassist Marc ‚Porter‘ McKnight:

“To, me it’s a song about being cleansed by fire. Whatever it is that’s bringing you down and holding you back, burn it down. Use it, learn from it, move on, and grow. That thing does not deserve you and you don’t deserve it.”

Brendan Saller adds:

“It’s very relatable to all of us individually, but it’s also incredibly pertinent to the journey of this band”

Watch the “Watch Me Burn” music video here:

Produced by John Feldmann, with whom the band has been collaborating for a long time, the new music is a reflection and reflection on the pressures, joys and pains of modern life, with each track representing a snapshot of deeply personal and shared experiences.

Saller continues:
“The overarching concept is essentially about the seasons of life. Everyone goes through the same things, the ups, and downs of life. The emphasis really is the importance of at least respecting those, and finding the positives and the lessons from even your lowest moments.”

The previously released single and opening track, “Drowning,” was written as a collective effort by each band member, drawing on their own experiences, whether it be family health issues guitarist Dan Jacobs was shouldering, Saller’s first encounters with anxiety, or McKnight’s long-standing struggle with Depressions. The second track, “God Devil”, laments a loss of identity, self and faith, a desperate cry for help from a higher power when our greatest power is one we must find within ourselves, followed by “Capital F,” which was inspired by Saller’s observations of the human misery he saw in his local community.

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The Hope of a Spark EP Track Listing

01. Drowning

02. God Devil
03. Capital F
04. Watch Me Burn

ATREYU - Release cathartic new single ATREYU - Release cathartic new single

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